Monday, September 28, 2009

Quinn counting on Queens

From the NY Post:

The long knives are out for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Emboldened by the results of this month's Democratic primaries, in which five council incumbents were defeated and a sixth held on by a whisker-thin margin, critics of Quinn (right) are assessing whether there's an opening for a coup.

At least four of the five losers were reliable Quinn allies. Tom White (D-Queens), another ally, squeaked through by five votes.

Sources said Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez, whose relationship with Quinn is strained, is planning to meet with his Bronx counterpart, Carl Heastie, to determine whether they can round up the 26 votes needed to install their own candidate in the speaker's job.

"If she endorses Bloomberg, she's dead," one council member said.

For the moment, Quinn's ace in the hole is the fact that no obvious natural successor has emerged.

At least two council members who might have filled that role, Bill de Blasio and John Liu, didn't seek re-election this year so they could run for higher office.

"You can't beat somebody with nobody," the source said.

"The key thing is having Queens County. That relationship is not going to be dislodged."


Anonymous said...

Quinn has no chance with Queens unless she talks to her constituency.

Anonymous said...

That shrill dyke better walk easy and learn to watch her step!

She's been biting the bullet sucking off Bloomberg's political putz (u-g-g-h-h!)
all these years...laying in investments for her future.

If he loses...who's she gonna bend over for?

Maybe it's back to the a breast baring..radical?

Anonymous said...

I love political upsets!

The rotten apples fall off the cart and into the sewers!

So things ain't exactly going according to plans.

How da ya like them apples Bloom-fuhrer?

the demon barber of Fleet Street said...

A lot of close political shaves out there...heh, heh, heh...ladies and gentlemen.

I say though...pols do make the worst meat pies.

Can't sell 'em for a brass farthing!

Anonymous said...

"Quinn counting on Queens"

Until she runs out of fingers and toes!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I wouldn't count on Queens. Start looking for a new job. Maybe Mayor Mike will hire you at Bloomburg Financial. He'll be there at the helm because he won't get re-elected either.

Anonymous said...

Quinn will be down for the count on Election Day. Vote her out!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, she's counting on Queens County, not the people of Queens you asshat.