Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Bloombergian hypocrisy

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't want New Yorkers anywhere near sugary drinks -- so stay away from the ones on tap at the city's Department of Health.

Weeks after the city unveiled an advertising blitz on subways that depicts sugary drinks morphing into yellow globs of human fat when poured over glasses of ice, The Post spotted a vending machine in the agency's main lobby at 125 Worth St. stocked with the beverage no-nos.

In addition to diet sodas, some of the drinks on hand are Gatorade, Snapple and Coca-Cola -- the trio the city singled out in the ads with pictures of anonymous bottles that closely resemble those beverages.

"It seems as if it's 'Do as we say and not what we do.' It's certainly interesting that that's the case," said lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who represents the beverage company Good-O, makers of Arizona drinks, Orange Crush and Coco Rico.

"The fact that they haven't removed the soda machine just shows you that we shouldn't allow the Department of Health bureaucrats to make decisions for us, because their decision-making process is often jaundiced."

The city's campaign, which is its latest attempt to target obesity, cost taxpayers $277,000. A private donor gave $90,000 to the effort.

City Hall officials declined comment.


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

B E L C H ! ! !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how he comes up with these stupid laws, but doesn't crack down on things like cell phone or texting while driving laws already in place. He could make millions (you'd think that would entice him) for the city and save lives. The city did this for one day, record numbers of people were pulled over and ticketed and they haven't done it since.

Kevin Walsh said...

Check out

for more on this ridiculousness

Adam said...

The posters simply suggest that people should limit their consumption of sugary beverages. That seems like good advice to me. And if you believe in consumer freedom, wouldn't it offend you more if they removed the machines?

Anonymous said...

Just because someone has the freedom to choose what they want to eat or drink doesn't mean they have to be offered that choice in their workplace. They can walk 2 doors down to a bodega and buy it.

mazeartist said...

What I really can't understand is why the city endorsed Snapple as its official beverage. You can't even redeem their bottles.