Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey Bloomberg: There are ditches in Queens, too

From Brownstoner:

The Columbia Waterfront Association mentioned last week that a primary concern for the land use committee this fall will be the fate of the one-mile stretch of the BQE, known as The Ditch, that separates the Columbia Waterfront from Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. The Brooklyn Paper reported in 2008 that Representative Nydia Velazquez (D–Gowanus) had obtained $300,000 in public funds for a study to explore possible solutions. Ideas being thrown around at the time included the mayor's call for housing decks above the highway, or parks and pedestrian bridges. The Paper reported again last June that the Economic Development Corporation had much less ambitious concepts for The Ditch: planted buffers, new street furniture, sidewalk repairs, and other primarily aesthetic improvements. What would you like to see?

I'd like to see the ditches of Queens get as much love as those in Brooklyn. LIE, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I nominate the BQE or as it is more properly known: The Brooklyn Queens Underwater Expressway, or the BQsubmarine.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Wasn't there a plan to cover the LIE in Maspeth?