Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ridgewood el station is worst in the city

From the Daily News:

It's official: a dilapidated subway station on the M line in Queens is the worst of the worst.

The Seneca Ave. stop in Ridgewood is in the direst state of disrepair, according to an MTA survey that assessed conditions of stations across the city.

Signs of decay are everywhere: rusting metal, peeling paint and concrete cracks sprouting weeds. There isn't a sign on the platform that hasn't been scratched or painted by graffiti vandals.

Some riders thought conditions are worse at other stops in the 468-station system, but the survey went beyond aesthetics and looked at things like structural stability. It was compiled for the MTA's NYC Transit division by independent engineers who inspected each station, rating stairways, walls, platforms and other components on 5-point scale: 1 being the best, 5 the worst.

At Seneca, 86% of the components were rated 3.5 or higher.


Kevin Walsh said...

I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

Beach 44st (A train) and the Beach 25th street stations are some of the dirtiest, most desolate and scary subway stations of the whole system.

-Joe said...

Absolutely Disgusting
It’s hard to believe this station was used to shoot "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "The Wanderers"
There was a working coal stove in the waiting room.
Woody Allen paid to have the chimny repaired and its original vent cap "hat" placed back on the roof. I think its still there.