Friday, September 25, 2009

Paul Vallone gives up

From City Hall:

Ending conversations and speculation about whether Paul Vallone would run as a Republican in the race to replace Council Member Tony Avella, Vallone will endorse Democratic candidate Kevin Kim this afternoon, according to Kim’s campaign.

The endorsement will take place at 4 p.m. at Kim’s campaign headquarters in Bayside.

Anyone else think the story yesterday was planted by Vallone to make him actually look important instead of a third place loser? Here's something from the Village Voice:

That might be enough for your average mini-scandal, but there's more: Halloran is calling foul on the story - not because he's ashamed of his religious affiliation ("I am not comfortable with injecting my religion into my politics," he told the Trib. Hear Hear!), but because a Kim campaign consultant also happens to be the VP of the Queens Tribune, and because Queens congressman Gary Ackerman, who founded the paper and still holds a chunk of it, used to be Kim's boss and who urged his old employee to make the race, says City Hall.

Asked about his rival, [Kim] offered the politically savvy response of any frontrunner. "I don't want to comment on anyone's religion," he said. "It's up to the Republicans who they nominate."

He did acknowledge that Tribune VP Michael Nussbaum (a veteran Queens Democratic party player who was nailed on a bribery rap in the Donald Manes scandal, oh and who also organized Democrats for Bloomberg in 2005) is a paid consultant to his campaign and that he used to work for Ackerman as a constituent advisor. "You'll have to ask the Tribune about their articles," he said. "It has nothing to do with me."


Anonymous said...


now the question is who do we vote for? a pagan king or a korean kim

Anonymous said...

now the question is who do we vote for? a pagan king or a korean kim

Please stay home, troll!

Anonymous said...

why doesn't anyone ask kevin kim what his religion is? perhaps he worships at the altar of kim jong il.

Anonymous said...

We need more Pagans in office. They dance well around the campfire. Didn't Halloran lead a bunch of Boy Scout troops?

Dissapointed Overdevelopement Fighter said...

Nope, I'm pretty sure Kevin doesn't worship Kim Jong Il, idiot.

You are some really sick f***ers on this site.

Here's a stand up, educated, local community guy who runs AGAINST the machine and the VALLONES and WINS... but now hes no good either.

Keep the complaining, keep posting asinine troll comments and the like.

This blog has strayed so far from its original form and purpose. It's really sad. You are anti-everything here. All complaints, no solutions.

So disappointing.

Queens Crapper said...

"Here's a stand up, educated, local community guy who runs AGAINST the machine and the VALLONES and WINS... but now hes no good either."

Um, excuse me. He's got most of his money coming from waaaay outside his district. Why is that? He's also an Ackerman puppet who got in because the white guys split the vote and Asians decided to blindly vote for one of their own.

"This blog has strayed so far from its original form and purpose. It's really sad. You are anti-everything here. All complaints, no solutions."

I've offered solutions for just about every complaint. Most complaints can be solved with 3 steps:

1) Stop illegal immigration.
2) Downzone and eliminate variances that make swiss cheese of the zoning (and eliminate the BSA).
3) Vigorously enforce DOB regulations with steep fines that stick.

Instead this city does the exact opposite.

Don't like what I'm preaching? Try a different church.

a Korean/American Jew for Halloran said...

I'm going to look into, and possibly attend, some services at Kim's church (if he attends one in particular).

Let's see if they're a backward cult of Christian anti Semites...still branding the Jews as Christ killers!

In that case, I'll take a peaceful, nature loving pagan any day!

And who the hell insinuated that Halloran (or his religion) sacrifices animals?

What a damned lie!

Catholics celebrate the blood sacrifice of Jesus at mass every Sunday!

Anonymous said...

If Vallone is now backing Kim...who backed Vallone (besides Bloomberg) of NYC's original "5 families"?

With the Kim/Vallone/Bloomberg/??? team at the throttle the 19th district is headed for a major derailment!

Quick...pull the switch and vote for Halloran!

Anonymous said...

"Catholics celebrate the blood sacrifice of Jesus at mass every Sunday!"

Is that you, Danny Boy?

Anonymous said...

It's already been noted that on a nationwide basis Korean "churches" have bundled mountains of money for Kim.

I'm sure Ackerman takes a cut for his support.

That might be technically legal...or maybe it's not with regards to complying with their not for profit status.

These "churches" are scattered throughout Queens...covering all neighborhoods.

When Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church came into question the next smart move was to break up into little "churches" which are much more difficult for government agencies such as the IRS to keep track of.

The act primarily as strongholds...forts on the frontier.

But in this case could they be outposts for the financial conquest...the buying of or placing their own elected officials.

Northeast Queens get ready to fight against North Korean colonization of your neighborhood similar to the way Taiwanese routed downtown Flushing.

A tolerant of others' religions Catholic said...

No it's not Danny Boy.

I've taken the host and wine at mass myself.

"The body of Christ"...."the blood of Christ" is what's pronounced by the priest or eucharistic minister as I'm offered to eat and drink.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Halloran but the white voters will come out in force for him.. i've said it before.. a lot of the Caucasians in the 19th will not let an 'outsider' (in reference to ethnicity) come in and run their district

Anonymous said...

So Padavan is now trying to elect Pagans, blood worshippers, whack jobs who prey to fruit and dirt, to represent our neighborhood. OK Frank. I am sure my parish will remember this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Let's go back to the good old days when people who weren't white landowners only counted as three-fifths of a person...

Actually, I voted for Kim because he came to my home and talked to me about how he wanted to make my kid's school better. The only other candidate who I met was Behar but I liked kim's ideas more.

And for the idiots who care, Im white.

Anonymous said...

Kim's major connection to any sort of religion (mainstream or pagan) might be his devout attachment to the national network of Korean "churches" who've bundled campaign money for him!

Maybe some of the sources of this $$$$$$ is from illegal overseas laundered money (maybe even a chunk from North Korea).

Anonymous said...

Ackerman helped sell out Flushing to Taiwanese interests...i.e. Tommy Huang and his sort..."Huang Kong"!

Now he thinks he's going to turn northeastern Queens into "Kevin Kim's Korean Village"!

Was Kim Ackerman's bag man for Korean campaign money?

Was Huang Ackerman's bag man for Taiwanese campaign money?

H-m-m-m....what was the role of Joseph Liu's Great Eastern Bank in any of this?

Perhaps a little enhanced interrogation of wannabee comptroller John Liu could wind up answering a lot of previously unanswered questions!

Anonymous said...

If Ackerman and his news-rag buddies, Nussbaum and Schenkler were so sure of a Kim victory landslide they would not have found the need for a new low level of mudslinging.

That front page they ran was an insult to serious newsgathering.

Did the $100,000 that Kim paid to "Multi Media" cover that?

Anonymous said...

So you're sure your "parish will remember this"?

And pray tell...what political parish would that be?'re a Kim/Ackerman shill.

You'd better recheck your demographics fella...before you count on force feeding northeastern Queensites an opportunistic carpetbagging councilman who's a newbie to the area.

This ain't downtown Flushing.

How come Kim is a little reclusive when it comes to answering certain serious questions?

Has he got a little something (or foreign $$$$$) he wants to hide from the voters?

Anonymous said...

So Padavan is now trying to elect Pagans, blood worshippers, whack jobs who prey to fruit and dirt, to represent our neighborhood. OK Frank. I am sure my parish will remember this.

Does anyone else smell asshole?

Sergey Kadinsky said...

I don't understand why Halloran's paganism is an issue. The local press did not make any issue about Dromm's or Van Bramer's homosexuality, so why is Halloran's personal life an issue?

Picking on gays is no longer acceptable in our society, but pagans can still be counted on for Halloween and witch jokes.

If anything, I am curious to know why Halloran became a pagan, but it would not affect my vote.

Anonymous said...

No more Korean churches!!

Vote Halloran

Anonymous said...

In order to see Halloran's blood sacrificing ways one has to go no further than the internet archives of his website. It might be down now but the archives are there and there are small photos and descriptions of him in such horrific practices.
How can Padavan, Ragusa and the other Queens Republican bosses allow this to happen in a race that a good Conservativew could have won? What an embarassment!

Queens Crapper said...

His website isn't down.


Anonymous said...

His website was taken down as soon as the story broke and came back online in a much shortened form over a week later. The web archives show many things Halloran apparently didn't want the public to see. Things like photos of sacrifice.

Queens Crapper said...

Great, so post the link to the cached page that shows these photos of sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

I think we should vote for the lesser of the two evils!!

Life long residents of 19th District feel that we should vote for Halloran, because he has lived most of his life in this district and will fight to preserve it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the ignorant comments on this website are appalling. Some of the writers, who believe themselves to be so in tune with local politics, are unwilling to give Kevin Kim a chance because they are unfamiliar with him or because of his race, which is ironic; he is treated like a recent immigrant, when he's an American citizen who went to public school and lived a normal life in Queens, just like you. Many of these assumptions above are incredibly wrong. And I'm surprised people are still stupid enough to make references to North Korea. The fact that this is the talk of people in Queens, the most diverse borough in the world, in new York, is frightening. Whatever happened to real issues and actually trying to learn about the candidate?

If you are so curious about why some of his campaign funds are outside the district, his beliefs, or any of his positions, why not do some research or actually trying contacting his office or going to events /debates? Believe it or not, people have done so and gotten answers.