Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bicyclists and pedestrians should not mix

From New York Shitty:

On the LIC side, at least (I’m not sure about the Greenpoint side…I’m a terrible reporter*), there are pictographs indicating that the bridge is to be used by pedestrians… and mushroom headed bicyclists…

Confusingly, they’ve left the signs up telling people to dismount their bikes. I feel my head is about to explode. Who is the genius that came up with this idea? Are things really clearer now?

(I'm sure they will dismount. They always do...)


Anonymous said...

Stop already with these bike lanes. They are dangerous in so many ways.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous.... funny, that's not what all the research shows again and again.

Oh, and those "dismount" signs are slated for removal soon.

Still, the best option is to take a car lane and turn it into a bike lane, leaving the sidewalk for pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny because the last time I looked cars were running red lights everyday and at almost every street.Thousands of pounds of metal flying at a pedestrian or Bicyclist is a very dangerous homicidal thing. Another bad thing is reckless drivers who dont have any charges against them, or held responsible for endangering people because they need to go ten blocks in a real hurry. NYC drivers are the worst.

The rest of the country had bike lanes a long time ago. People should just keep a slow pace when biking across there.