Monday, September 28, 2009

50 Cent finally has his Jamaica concert

From the Daily News:

Rapper 50 Cent went back to his roots Saturday, performing for hundreds of thrilled fans in his old Jamaica 'hood and even gave a shout out at the police.

Screams of "I love you Fitty" echoed around the playground next to Public School 40 in Queens as NYPD officers kept an eye out for trouble on the roof of the school and nearby housing complex.

50 Cent, who was born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, was the headline act at the community festival which had been scheduled for August but was cancelled because of security concerns surrounding the rapper's appearance.

"Next year I'm gonna get to do it on the actual date that I want, when they see this as a successful event they won't give me such a hard time next time," he said.


Anonymous said...

Give credit where credit is due. 50 Cent has an unsavory past, but he put his fan's safety and well-being first.

Would that more people would put their egos on ice and follow this example.

Joe said...

I wouldnt call it a concert since no music is involved.

50 Cent is a nice guy I played after his set at Rye playland.
He hung out with all the kids and didnt act like some of these asshats who behave more like a pack of angry gangsta N**_s with huge chips on the shoulders

People RAP because they can’t sing or play an instrument. It shouldn’t be regarded as a form of music.
It was braught into the spotlight bt MTV as a video marketing tool for clothing lines targeted at inner city childeren.

Go into Sam Ash and ask to buy RAP Sheet Music, LOL it doesnt exsist.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Joe... always chiming in with your most elightened perspective. Too bad we don't have you policing ALL aesthetic options!