Thursday, September 24, 2009

The future of Carroll Gardens

From Pardon Me for Asking:

We just had the election of, for all practical purposes, our new City Councilman, Brad Lander. Brad has made it no secret that he is in favor of buildings in these areas that are out-of-scale 12 or 14 stories, as long as they have an affordable housing component. Is it possible that he would be in favor of the Stein building and the Clarret buildings as well if they were given more height and density to accommodate affordable housing?

I think our whole neighborhood needs to re-enter this debate, about the use of Public Place and the current fashion for affordable housing via private luxury development. Is it really the only/best way, does it have a serious downside for Carroll Gardens? What is the need for affordable housing in Carroll Gardens? Will greater development just drive up housing cost more and force more people out vs. the affordable it will provide? There are several building owners I know who rent to people because of their character or relationship at less than market rates therefore providing affordable housing.

There is a big human side and quality of life side to this issue that needs more attention. More than anything, I am calling on all the Lander supporters to enter the debate on development their candidate embraces. Do you want to see these buildings rising in Carroll Gardens or are you safely in land-marked and zoned Park Slope?

Katia's entering uncharted territory here. She knows how it is and is calling Bloomberg's people out on it. Remember: If it's not happening in Park Slope, then it doesn't matter, even if you live just outside Park Slope.

The Lander-Skaller race was the only non-Queens race I was closely watching besides Quinn's. And I'm sorry to say that they blew it. If "affordable housing" is the basis for someone's campaign, you better vote for the other guy, otherwise your neighborhood will look like shit in no time. And not because of who moves in. I'll let the photos above and below speak for themselves.

Photo from Brownstoner.

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