Sunday, September 27, 2009

Voters should demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T

From Bloomberg Watch:

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: this election isn’t about Thompson v. Bloomberg — it’s about us — The People v. Bloomberg. Thompson’s slogan 'eight years is enough', doesn’t capture it.

Here's ours: Don’t give your vote to a person who doesn’t respect it.


Taxpayer said...

The Commissar is a dominatrix. And only perverted people who need to be dominated would vote for another round of the whip.

Picture this freak in his transvestite lace tights, one high-heeled boot on your neck, ordering you to stop squirming as he flays your tender ass while he pleasures himself all over your bleeding body.

Then picture yourself voting for more.

Self respecting citizens plan to dump this scary bitch.

We deserve much better. We should have gotten Tony Avella, but, Thompson will have to do for now.

We can dump him in 4 years if he fails in the slightest.

Decide to take control. Dump the Commissar.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is basically running his campaign pretty much like Bloomberg LLP. would implement its financial investment strategies.

Each voter is viewed as a number...a bean that is to be counted...then entered as credit (black column) or debit (red column) by the firm's impartially cold hearted accountant.

How many votes does hizzoner need for a hostile takeover of NYC Inc.(his 3rd term)?

How much does Mayor Mike have to spend on voluminous glitzy, fliers and TV spots to secure more votes (like gaining a stock majority) to control his company (in his eyes it's certainly not ours) New York City?

Mind you, Bloomberg has deep artesian well of money that will probably never run dry?

Can he buy his office, whatever the price?

That remains to be seen for an awful lot of voters are disgruntled regarding Bloomberg's favoritism towards his rich pals in real estate and on Wall Street.

He is truly running against his own record of poor performance.

Although Mike's never actually publicly uttered his elitism and imperial intent...his private beliefs seem to be that the rest of us can either make it in New York or move (ha, ha) just like he did!

His contempt for the middle class, in particular, stems from the fact that they're not poor enough to control in the usual outright fashion.

They have just enough money left over and some leisure time to be his some of his most vocal critics.

Mike sorely needs as many of the middle class New Yorkers' votes as he can buy up...once again just like shares of stock!

They're the key to his takeover.

So far much of the middle class remains a debit (red ink) in his election campaign account ledger and they must be won over if he's to realize his 3rd term!

That's why bamboozling Bloomberg has been spending a fortune on his middle class strategy ads.

He's trying to persuade us that he's really one of us. Yeah...right!

You can stop spreading the manure old boy.

I just reviewed my last year's income tax returns.

I'll bet my meager annual earnings represent your ice cream money allowance.

You're no friend of mine or any other New Yorker whom you considered beneath your class!

Many despots have risen to the power level they would have never achieved by manipulating a frightened populace during an economic downturn.

If you like being a pawn in a rich man's chess game...then by all for Emperor Bloomberg.

By the way...if he's elected again...I'll bet one of the first items on his lordship's agenda will be to introduce a bill to amend the city charter so as to cancel out term limits.

Then...will we ever be rid of him or those other corrupt termites that manage to bore deep into our civil government and remain in their comfy tunnels until they reach retirement age?

Vote Bloomberg and his bums out!

Otherwise they will be voting you out of your homes...out of your city!

Anonymous said...

Try to split up your postings. People dont read essays on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Is Thompson running for mayor...or is he just crawling?

Anonymous said...

Give Thompson a break! Let's see what he can do. If he wins, and his appointees to the Rent Guidelines Board, vote with the tenants, then something has been accomplished. Also, watch the speeches of Bill deBlasio. He comes off like someone planning a Mayoral run in four years. If he wins against Green, see what happens.

Anonymous said...

People better start learning to read beyond the length of a text message fella or join the rest of the ignorant easily "tweeded" electorate.

Or they'll wind up getting f----d up the ass without "lube"!

The continued dumbing down of our nation (compared to other "go-getter" countries) guarantees that our republic will inevitably crumble.

It will be replaced by a pseudo Democracy...where the smart ultra rich rule the stupid wage earners.

Enjoy your latest "I-Pod" downloads and don't pay any attention to that man behind the curtain!

It's all good...right?

Anonymous said...

Tony is a great guy but maybe his run was doomed from the money and he was bucking an extremely powerful system...I don't know.

Too bad he didn't score high enough for a run off.

Maybe his idealistic platform made him an unelectable candidate.

Maybe it's because New Yorkers are so cynical.

I voted for Avella anyway.

But Tony's platform didn't lose.

It won out and now it's front and center.

Thompson even stole it.

Tony's original idea...that input for the shaping of our city must also come up from the bottom is still here.

It'll come to pass soon if we all keep on pushing.

Some hard fact remain:
Voting for some change is a realistic goal.

Voting for a total upset brand of change is pure fantasy.

Save that for the comic books and now let's vote for Thompson and live another day!

A Bloomberg victory will be far worse.

NYC News & Analysis said...

Awesome way to look at it: Only people who want to be whipped and chained, over and over again, would vote for Bloomberg -- again.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Only people who want to be whipped and chained, over and over again, would vote for Bloomberg -- again.

Zat's my goal, foolz!!! I am going to change ze rulez again so zat you can vote for me for zan once!!! It iz good to be king.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, wake up. Bloomberg stole this election. He bought all the campaign managers and has them on retainers. He did this to stop Thompson from hiring any one of them. I really wish Bloomberg DIES already.. I wish a geese take out his private plane with him on it.

Anonymous said...

"..Don’t give your vote to a person who doesn’t respect it."

I think that is the perfect slogan for Thompson. It completely captures Bloombag's disregard for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's a fear monger.

He's trying to convince everybody that things will be worse without him...the great financial "genius"... who couldn't see the collapse coming!

Things will improve greatly as soon
as this wannabee emperor is driven from the city gates!

VOTE THOMPSON...New York's only logical choice left now!

Taxpayer said...

In that photo accompanying the post, is the Commissar "listening" to someone from his beloved middle class?

Else, why are his eyes looking at the ceiling?

Or, is he having stomach problems from all that beloved middle class food he now eats? Perhaps he's letting gas escape unnoticed? He thinks?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg respects his personal fortune and little else!

PizzaBagel said...

Bloomberg's latest TV spot starts with something like: "You've heard a lot of negative stuff from Thompson." Huh?!!! Where did that come from? I've heard hardly anything from Bill Thompson. What is he trying to do, knock Thompson down before he even gets a chance to speak? Drop dead, you bum!

At this point, I'd pretty much vote for Satan himself rather than the Kommissar.

One more thing: Great post, Anonymous #1! I couldn't agree with you more. And I read the whole thing, length notwithstanding. I was riveted.

Anonymous said...

You got to ACT UP and stop this whining.

Write letters.

Ask questions in front of cameras.

You know what to do. If you don't do it, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Your limpwristed support for Tony doomed him.

If Blumturd gets in its your fault.

Anonymous said...

Bloomy's counting on voters deciding it is a fait accompli and staying home. It is our job to spoil that plan by showing up to vote for Thompson and by getting as many of our friends and neighbors to do the same. If we want to get Bloomy out, we have to do the same legwork without pay that his legions of paid workers are doing. Absent that hard work on our part, he wins.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

At this point, I'd pretty much vote for Satan himself rather than the Kommissar.

Zat can be arranged!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha