Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dutch Kills ecstatic over residential move-in

From the Daily News:

Neighbors gossip when a newcomer moves onto their block, but rarely does a community react with the type of buzz that has accompanied Dominic Stiller's arrival in Dutch Kills.

The 45-year-old engineer is believed to be the first to move into new housing in the industrial patch of Long Island City since 1961, when the city barred new homes in favor of manufacturing.

Civic leaders are so elated by Stiller's planned move - the result of a recent zoning switch - that they sent out a news release last week hailing a "milestone in their decades-long battle."

They feel it signals an end to a half-century when Dutch Kills kept out new homes like Stiller's and witnessed an influx of auto body shops and car dealers.

"Hopefully he's as happy as we are to see him," said Jerry Walsh, 59, the president of the local civic association and a 34-year Dutch Kills resident.

Curbed has more.

Wonder if this is "new house" is Queens Crap or something more interesting.


Missing Foundation said...

Look the real estate industry around the country is plunging into the tiolet - the only thing stopping it in NYC is stimulus money is going straight into the pockets of developers, instead of infrastucture or propping the middle class.

All this to get Bloomberg reelected.

Anonymous said...

Who would want to move into a shithole like this? Rats from Sunnyside Yards, noise and pollution from Queens Plaza, the largest projects in the country a few blocks away.

Look at this video:

Now with these hotels going up, they will soon be worn out (transient hotels get shabby real fast) and with hotel vacancies up in Manhattan, not in demand.

They will be converted into day-laboror barracks or Section 8, 15 minutes away from dishwashing and toilet cleaning jobs in the city.

Anonymous said...

If they kept the housing size modest in character with the 2 or 3 story buidlings already there, they might have made a community in hot demand.

Instead, they have hotels with paper thin walls (a friend stayed in them in the spring and sex-acts kept him up all night - in the next room.) I mean, really, do you want your 10 year old son with a hotel room 5 feet from his bedroom window?

Anonymous said...

Something about the lack of sharp knives in drawers comes to mind when I see locals calling this mess a 'victory'.

IMO, the last 50 years of zoning for Dutch Kills will go down in the books as a textbook case in what NOT to do to a community.

Anonymous said...

anything is better than the used car cesspool over there.

Anonymous said...

and to think that these educted women were FORCED to labor under such heinous conditions and qUInn and co. might wind up on unemployment !....too much to comprehend at one sitting.