Friday, September 25, 2009

When is a school like a rush hour subway car?

When it's in NYC.

From the Daily News:

"We've been overcrowded for years, but this year is the worst," said Erin Flanagan, a physical education teacher at Flushing High School, which has 295 classes with 35 or more students.

There are 86 dialects spoken at Flushing High School and 49 students in one of the English Learning classes.

Students sit on the floor and window sills. There are at least a dozen classes with more than 40 students.

"It's like on the subway at rush hour," said Flanagan, "and when the doors open, there's no room. That's what the hallways are like."

There has been a 20% jump in the number of overcrowded classrooms compared with this time last year, reports from the United Federation of Teachers show.

"The number of classes exceeding the limit will decline in the coming weeks as enrollment stabilizes and principals add new classes to accommodate their students," said Education Department spokesman William Havemann.

This will happen more and more unless the spigot is turned off. That means downzoning and enforcing immigration laws. Since Bloomberg has no intention of addressing either issue, the problem will continue to get worse. There are even schools that weren't crowded before that have joined the list.


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

But I am ze best education mayor that you ever had! Haven't you've seen my TV ads? Dummkopfs!

-Joe said...

These Illegal’s spit them out like a donut factory. They are behaving exactly like they did in their overpopulated, broke and gang ridden home countries.

That’s our future. It’s only going to get worse.
Forget Iran or Bin Laden. It is THESE people who are going to take out this country.
Obama needs to draft an emergency derivitive to send the Army to Queens and kick the parasites out of the country

Anonymous said...

wow. you guys are gross!

Anonymous said...

I thought you all would be happy that the English-learning classes are so crowded.

Unknown said...

Keep replacing 2 family home with 6+ apt buildings and soon it will be standing room only, no room for desk, kids can lean on the backs of those in front of them.