Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Illegal signs littering streets

From Staten Island Advance:

Ads for everything from real estate to puppy dogs are illegally pegged to Staten Island's trees, traffic lights, and fences, and in some instances, simply stuck in the ground of public spaces.

Hmmm. You mean like this?


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

I am ze mayor zo I will not be fined. My campaign posters are important reminderz to have you affirm my sovereignty. Fines are for ze lower classes like you bozos. 'Nuff said. And for my next 4 years...

Anonymous said...

Whenever you see a Bloomberg sign, take it off, ripped it up and throw it away or leave the shredded pieces in front of his campaign offices.

Taxpayer said...

This great environmentalist (paint your roof white) now is out to kill a million plants by cutting the roots.

He demonstrates his total loathing for all that is decent by his trashing the city and killing plant life.

Dump Commissar trasher.