Wednesday, September 23, 2009

YouTube restores Suzannah B Troy's videos

Suzannah's YouTube videos are back.

From Suzannah:

For quite a long time I have been harassed and even cyber stalked by I believed changed his identity many times using mine "Suzannahartistcensors" to "Bloombergforlife" and contacted anyone who had commented on my youtubes as well as search for all my comments and mocked and harassed me including making fun of my "bad hair day" when I talked about the rapes and murders of Imettte St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore.

So there you have it. YouTube acted on the complaints of a psycho then reversed their decision when the NYC blogging community got on their case and after Suzannah called Norman Siegel.


AirshipAl said...

Congratulations. I couldn't be more pleased. Unfortunately, I found this message on her channel: "Suzannahartist has no subscriptions" so I immediately rectified that situation and subscribed. I think that Queens Crap deserves some credit in the restoration effort. If people could unite to get this done, how hard could it be for us to take out the trash and dump Bloomtard in November?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Suzannah. And keep calling out Bloomass on all his bullsh#@.

Just got a flyer in the mail highlighting all of Bloomsnot's "improvements" in education. Almost puked. What a liar....

If he wins, I hope his third term is a misery for him.

Taxpayer said...

Congratulations, Suzannah.

Now, resume the fight even more ferociously then before.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

One note: As rottenly horrifying censorship is, we have to be delighted that this case the censoring was performed by a private business. If the government had done the censoring, it would never back off under pressure, even pressure from Norm Siegel.

The government has OUR money - all it wants - to resist pressure. Government officials are never out-of-pocket for their illegal acts.

Has Suzannah been forced to sue, there would be people who would lose their own money if they resisted. If they lost to Suzannah, Suzannah could have ended up owning YouTube.

That would have been a good outcome.

Congratulations again, Suzannah!

By the way, Suzannah, heckling IS legal. Witness South Carolina's Joe Wilson's "You lie" to Obama a little while ago.

The "reprimand" from Pelosi was illegal. "Congress shall make no law abridging ..."

And, here was congress itself trying to claim some rule (law) to abridge Wilson's free speech.

If we don't fight every constitutional violation, we will quickly have no rights acknowledged by that constitution.

And your speech was political, the MOST protected form of free speech. Political speech was the very reason for the protection of the First Amendment!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Thanks and gratitude to every person on Queens Crap that stood up for me! Massive big hug and love,
thanks and gratitude to Queens Crap and all supportive commentors.

This was a rollercoaster ride that ended with a win and your support Queens Crap and commentors helped big time.

Suzannah B. Troy

Let us celebrate with me yelling "Vote Bloomberg Out of OFFICE!!!!! on the steps of City Hall!!!!!!!

Here is Christine Quinn being booed and her head couldn't be lower--some leader.

Anonymous said...

Drudge may have pulled some strings at WABC. Sliwa gave You Tube, the bastards involved a trashing along with Lady Gaga.
(I heard the tail end of it in my car)

Bloomberg must be a hellova pissed
--Watch Curtis Sliwa get placed in Disney thumbscrews now.

Anyway congrads to Suzannah !
-- Be careful.
The mayor is likley to send goons on your tail now that the work has been published by clicking that tab.

Professinal photography & vidiography in NYC without permits and who know what else !!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Again thanks and gratitude to you all. I did get an apology from YouTube and I posted my response.

I love what you have to say!!!!

Big hugs all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again thank you so much!!!
Suzannah B. Troy

NYC News & Analysis said...

Thanks Queens Crap -- for posting all this information. While the msm is taking money from Bloomberg (from their website ads), you are giving us the real "news."

Anonymous said...

This sounds like something Nazli Parvizi would do.

Anonymous said...

Ilike looking at her video..and her!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the Vallone video.

Can someone give it to Suzannah.

I am glad someone in this sorryassed town has balls.

Anonymous said...

What a shame Norman Seigel didn't win. I know I voted for him. I recognize people who work for us and are honest because I do my best to be an informed voter.

Anonymous said...



Don't they use both holes for defecating anyway?

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody should sue to get that embarrasing Paul Vallone video back on "You Tube" counselor Behar...for the sake of the first amendment?

You've got some time now and Vallone might resurface as a (?) Republican.

Anonymous said...

Bloom-fuhrer is merely following his hero Joseph Goebbel, the Nazi minister of propaganda's, playbook.

Belt out your lies loud and often...the "tweeded" will eventually accept them as the truth.

Unless ALL of you discontented voters defeat Der Mayor at the polls...Berlin will be coming to New York to stay!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Berlin will be coming to New York to stay!

Oh yeah!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Please read this piece and again thanks to Queens Crap and everyone of you that spoke up for me.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Here is a YouTube I made with Clayton Patterson, artist and documentarian. He filmed the Tompkins Square Park Riots and he was also beaten up by the police. He went on Oprah and said little brother is watching big brother. His video was a precursor to YouTube.

This has the YouTube and links.
Thanks again for your support.