Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Maspeth tree massacre

Some of you may remember a post from 2007 entitled "There Goes the Green" which predicted the fate of this forested corner property in Maspeth.

Well, the prediction came true this summer.

Thank you, Flushing developer with the 631 area code, for beautifying the community!

Screw big, tall trees! The air we breathe is too clean anyway!


Anonymous said...

Parts of the north Bronx have been designated a special nature preservation area where you need permission to even touch trees on your property. This should be considered for the other neighborhoods in the city as well, especially those that suffer from a lack of them. Of course, enforcement is always the problem.

Anonymous said... say it was a Flushing developer?

Was it an Asian developer like the convicted criminal Tommy Huang...or one of his sons (Henry)?

"We no like tree", one Korean woman proclaimed to a distressed inquiring next door neighbor as she eagerly completed girdling a NYC owned street tree located in front of her home on 146th Street many years ago in downtown Flushing.

F-----g low bred barbarian!

Queens Crapper said...

No, I don't think "Taibi" is Asian.

Tommy Huang's Maspeth site is still in shambles, though.

Anonymous said...

It could be Tai Bi, Ty Bee, Ti Bi (or however the Chinese character translates phonetically).

A lot of Asian developers are Anglicizing the names of their companies lately just to remove the curse that the Tommy Huangs of this world have imposed upon their trade.

Tommy Huang once hired an Italian named construction manager for a building he was erecting adjacent to an FDNY firehouse located in Corona.

The firehouse had to be evacuated because the Huang foundation undermined the firehouse structure.

In this case the Italian/American took the initial heat for Huang.

The nationality of the developer doesn't really doesn't matter in any case....just curious.

Scum is scum!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where this is, but I'm sure it didn't bother the real estate agent O'KANE. Nice profit.

Anonymous said...

Queens is full of salty white racists. Not saying that this destruction of trees isn't bullshit, but come on.

Queens Crapper said...

Nope, white people are definitely a minority in our vibrant, diverse borough. Can't say Queens is "full of them" any more and expect to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

There should be something done to protect the integrity of neighborhoods, especially for the protection of trees. They are silent victims of so many offenses. They need to be saved.If one goes down another should be put up. God knows they are good for the environment, air, and planet. What is the problem?