Friday, September 25, 2009

Republicans feel the time is ripe

From the Daily News:

The primary election may be over, but the battle for several City Council seats in Queens is just getting started.

Republicans are hoping to hang onto their one seat and gain another two. Democrats, still recovering from a bruising primary, want to regroup and keep their overwhelming majority.

Three races in particular will be in the spotlight:

Councilman Eric Ulrich, the only Republican from Queens and one of three in the Council, is running to keep the 32nd District seat he won in a nonpartisan special election earlier this year. He replaced Joseph Addabbo, who’s now in the state Senate.

Ulrich faces Democrat Frank Gulluscio, district manager of Community Board 6 and a former Addabbo aide.

Former Republican Councilman Thomas Ognibene, who served as minority leader, is fighting to regain his old seat. Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, a Democrat, won the spot in November after losing a previous special election.

Newcomer Kevin Kim, an aide to Rep. Gary Ackerman, beat out several well-known Democrats for a chance to succeed Tony Avella in District 19.

But Republicans think candidate Dan Halloran has a chance of winning back the seat the GOP held before Avella was elected in 2001.

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Anonymous said...

Ognibene and Bloomberg look great together