Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bloomberg's SCA made dirty deal with developer

From The Real Deal:

The School Construction Authority allegedly colluded with a Brooklyn developer to propose a sub-standard middle school on Dock Street in Dumbo. According to Freedom of Information Law documents that Council member David Yassky's office obtained, the SCA knew that the proposed Dock Street middle school would be at a size "compromised from [the SCA's] standards with premium costs due to the mixed use with the high-rise residential building." According to a report from Yassky's office, the SCA knowingly withheld information on making the safest, largest, most cost-efficient school, while promoting the Dock Street plan.

Yeah, but then Yassky made a dirty deal with Christine Quinn to get it passed.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what dirty deal was made with the SCA to build the Maspeth High School on contaminated soil. The SCA paid way more than the going rate for this contaminated piece of property, when it could have spent LESS for the St.John's Hospital property (with parking lot for teachers). Lots of money to be made with the developers at the expense of our children's health. The Feds should investigate all these dirty SCA deals.

-Joe said...

Shit yea they should investigate but there is one problem.
The judges that get these cases are usually Jewish. Jews never go against other Jews.
--unless they are put agaist a wall like the Bernie Madoff case.
I dont want to sound racist, Ill put it this way:

Look at the mayor:
He only see's 2 types of people in a society "his rule people" and "peasant sheep" or slaves if you want to call it.
That’s not that much different then the Islamic radicals who believe the terms 'dar al-harb' (the land of war) and 'dar al-Islam' (the land of Islam) according to the of propet Muhammed.
In Islam the “land of war” is to become under control in the future. Anybody who disagrees is an adversary enemy ---cut the heads off.
I see no dam difference between Osama Bin Laden and the Mayor whos 'dar al-harb' is Brooklyn and Queens.

The only thing you can do is vote them out and good luck at that.
Like cockroaches, these penthouse bastards will continue to piss out the window, multiply and look after each.
Its going to be near impossible to get them out.

Queens has to many clueless fat white sheep sitting home watching "scripted" BS TV game shows on voting nights.
Im ashamed of my own dumbass people. Italian , Irish, English, Polish, German.
---There grandparents would slap them up side the head for loosing everything they scraficed and worked for to "the man in the trenchcoat"

Anonymous said...

There is good and bad in all races, religions, etc. Let's not single out the Jewish people.

-Joe said...

Some are far worse then others, its a fact.
I didnt single out Jewish people. My comment was based on the actions of certain people.

People like the Mayor view crapification as money, progress and the cost of getting things done.
They also want to establish a voting base of dumb sheep who do as their told and dont ask questions. This way these ego maniacs can stay in power forever and putting their names on all the streets and bridges.
(Thats another fact you can ask any school teacher on the job more then the last couple of years)

I don’t want a billionare Jew from Beantown, a Bukarian or an Irish Lez pig who used to dance topless on Church steps in Halloween attire making decisions or swinging cranes over my head.
That would be like having BT Barnums Elephants minding the peanuts and the lions minding the sheep.


Adam said...

Joe, if you don't want to sound racist, you shouldn't say racist crap.