Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting the top of the town

From NY Post:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to paint their rooftops white to make buildings cooler and more energy efficient, but the city hasn't painted hundreds of its own buildings.

The Bloomberg administration has long been aware of the advantages of white rooftops. The mayor's much-hyped 2007 environmental plan noted the benefits of the practice, and the city's overhauled building code in 2008 included cool roof requirements for most new buildings and renovations.

But the city still hasn't started painting 1 million square feet of roof space on municipal buildings like homeless shelters, police precincts, fire stations and sanitation garages.

Even so, Bloomberg invited environmental guru Al Gore to appear with him Thursday in Queens to raise awareness about what he said is a relatively simple building makeover. The mayor and former vice president even grabbed rollers and painted part of a roof together.


Anonymous said...

Is the Mayor now a HVAC engineer or is he just in in with the gas company ?
His Idea is good if you have a 1 story factory building or live in Texas, Florida, Death Valley etc.

In NYC Peak Summer nasty heat is around 20 days average a year.
Tempratures below 50 are over 150 days.
In NYC A black roof is a asset due to the long winters.

Anonymous said... desperate!

Bloomberg is now literally whitewashing his tarnished campaign!

It ain't gonna work asshole...because your feigning concern for the environment (with bobble head doofus Al Gore in tow) runs contrary to your practices.

You and your rich real estate pals are adding more to NY's carbon foot print by overdeveloping every square inch of land they can get their paws on!

So...go away big foot!
Can't wait to see your back this November

Go and eat some trans-fat and suck on your own dick while you await your exit!

I wonder what hizzoner's exit polls will look like after he loses the election to Thompson.

Taxpayer said...

After saving the environment, both these morons jumped into their limos to get to their private jets for a long flight to fool other people elsewhere.

Neither moron ever knew there was a season called WINTER? Where a dark roof will RETAIN heat and help save the energy it takes to warm the building?

Unless they now demand that we perpetually paint our roofs with a lighter or darker color depending on the day's temperature? Will that be the Commissar's and the madman's new law?

We got rid of Gore. Can we now get rid of the bore?

Let them both use their energy to paint over graffiti.

Dump this miserable moron!

It's either control or be controlled! Choose.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg will undoubtedly be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Is that why he's spending money on his campaign like a drunken sailor? because there's "no doubt" that he will win?


Anonymous said...

environmental guru Al Gore?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, then he'll assess these buildings at a higher rate and double the property tax AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Der Bloom-fuhrer ain't so sure it's gonna be a slam dunk win for him.

That's why he's going over-kill on his campaign spending.

But all the perfumes of Araby won't wash the blood from his hands.

He's murdering New York's middle class and they're most certainly going to pay him back at the polls!

You just watch!