Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Someone's finally telling the truth about Bloomberg

From Bloomberg Watch:

Jarrett Murphy, investigations editor at City Limits, says it all in this Huffington Post piece:

From the beginning, Mayor Bloomberg has depicted last year’s decision to loosen term limits as the City Council’s idea. When in the late summer of 2008 he first publicly floated a trial balloon about seeking a third term, he did it by saying he’d have to “seriously think about” running if the Council decided to upend the two-term constraint. When he formally threw his weight behind the revision last October, he said he’d run again “should the City Council vote to amend term limits.” And earlier this year—just before he angrily called a reporter a “disgrace” for daring to ask about the rationale behind the extension—the mayor said: “The rationale for extending term limits is that the City Council passed it.”

The facts that the Council had considered changing term limits for years only to be shot down by the mayor, that the city’s elite rallied around the extension last year only because it bore the mayor’s imprimatur, that the newspaper editorial pages backed the move after their owners dined with Hizzoner, that the mayor’s people called in nonprofits they’d supported to testify in favor of the law, that the mayor’s law department weighed in in favor of the Council having the right to reverse two referenda—those were mere details, according to this telling.

The Council was driving; Mike just grabbed hold of the bumper.


steve said...

Fucker really looks like he could use some prune juice in that pic....

Taxpayer said...

Need any more proof that the Commissar is just a cheesy, common liar?

Do you need a common liar managing city agencies?

Do you have too much self respect to be lied to on a daily basis?

Liars always want to be controlling.

Do you want to be controlled or be in control of your own life?

Dump this cheesy, common liar.

We can do better. We are better than that.

Dump the Commissar!

Anonymous said...

Have I made myself clear?

Anonymous said...

Simply put...Bloomberg is a strong arming goon who'd stop at nothing, if we let, him hold onto his seat of power!

Being wealthy simply isn't enough for him because he refuses to give up his rich man's hobby...the control of NYC!

Coercing the not for profits is the least he'd be capable of if he were given the level of power that an old school despot like Hitler was handed!

He lusts for control like a sex offender craves his objects of desire!

He's got to be stopped!
Don't stay at home.

Vote him out in November as if your life or livelihood depended on it...because it does!

Fed Up said...

I said it once and I'll say it again...is Thompson running for mayor, or just crawling? What a disappointment his campaign is. Oops. What campaign? He should be out there pointing out the fuhrer's hypocrisy in overturning voter approved term limits, an issue that the mayor did a flip flop on. What a disgrace. If Thompson is not up to the task, he should have allowed Avella to challenge the little dictator. What about other issues? The Wallets Point scandals are great ammunition for Thompson but where the hell is he? Does he think that a last minute charge is going to defeat the commissar? The biggest joke is in Bloomtard's latest campaign ads accusing Thompson of attacking him. What the F? I guess this is NYC politics at its finest.

More Fed Up said...

I wonder if Bloomturd has considered the type of turd term that he is vying for. Judging by the strong opposition to his candidacy and corrupt administration and officials, does he really think that he will serve a full term? Every day, more and more stories leak out about his failure to reign in corruption and how this is impacting the taxpayers of this city. He will not be immune. If anything, a lot of the financial misdeeds will lead right to his doorstep. Right, Claire? It is quite unfortunate that the people of all 5 boroughs are being deceived by the media on a local and city-wide basis. Case in point? The Queens Tribune with the Schenkler/"Ruffles" Rafferty team. There is still over a month to go. I sure wish that there was an opponent worthy of fighting this commissar. Thompson---you are a wimp!!!