Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloomberg tells pollster to lie

From the NY Post:


WHEN I answered the phone the other day, a man identified himself as Carl or somebody and said he was calling from an "independent research" organization.

If the New York City mayoral race were held today, he asked, would I vote for Michael Bloomberg or Bill Thompson?

I said, truthfully, that I hadn't decided, which prompted the slickest segue from my new friend.

In a nanosecond, he was speed-reading a script that made Bloomberg sound like a candidate for sainthood instead of a third term.

Hey, I interrupted loudly. You said you were from an independent organization. You lied. You're working for Bloomberg.

I promised he could read all about his dirty trick in The Post.

Hold on for my supervisor, he said, and soon I was talking to a man with a flat Midwestern accent who identified himself as Cody Maynard.

I told him that falsely identifying his company as independent was a political no-no and asked the name of the firm and where he's located.

"For security reasons, I can't say," he responded.

When I pressed, he admitted, "That's what I'm told to say. I can't give out any information."

His supervisor, he swore, would call me and explain everything. I'm waiting.

Photo from Daily News


Taxpayer said...

There's the Commissar on the phone, calling the abortionist to butcher the baby being carried by the woman in the red dress.

Kill it! he demanding.

Just don't smoke during the murder. Or use sugar, or trans fats, or salami from a window. Don't eat if you weren't given the calorie count.

But kill that thing and get the woman the hell out of here!

Alan said...

I got one of those "independent" polling calls and asked what it was about. The gentleman asked who I favored for mayor and I emphatically said Thompson because Bloomberg is evil and the caller immediately hung up! It was extremely annoying and obvious to the intent. My caller ID could not identify where the call came from as it read, "000-000-0000"!!!

Anonymous said...

He'll come up with a good story to 'splain this one away then Mr. Moneybags will just run out and hire himself another set of phone banker to engage in his phony hype.

Anonymous said...

Some polling place called me the other day to ask if the election was held today, who would I vote for, Thompson or Bloomberg. I told them Thompson, only because I HATE BLOOMBERG. I hope they told the little nanny state dicktator just that.

Anonymous said...

on election day working as a poll worker, I told a voter that the reason to declare a party was to vote in the primary. this was responded to "this is a screwed up system or Bloomberg would be on this ballot"
I told the party that this election on 9/15 is mainly a Democratic primary and Bloomberg is a Republican."

I was screamed and yelled at, and called ignorant repeatedly because I said Bloomberg is a Republican. Are these people brainwashed? They got so angry at such a small thing.

I was then told that they would complain about me to the Board of Elections. I said, be my guest.

Maybe it's part of the brainwashing to say not speak the truth that Bloomberg is a Republican.

it's par for the course while working the elections. Either the other poll workers are insane or the voters are abusive.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: step 1. ask the caller how much they are being paid by the hour!

it's a paying gig for someone down on their luck.

Next step 2. tell them "the only war is the class war" therefore you are on the wrong side today.

step 3. suggest that they immediately go to their supervisor and ask for more money as a result of this phone call. Tell the caller that while I don't like & won't vote for Bloomberg I am a member of the working class & stand behind them as they ask for a higher pay, after all BB is a billionaire!

work from within!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Great piece -- I missed this one. Thanks for posting!

PizzaBagel said...

And if his campaign gets fined for this -- a big "if" -- or anything else untoward or underhanded, Mr. Deep-Pockets will gladly shell out the dough. After all, it's the cost of doing business, right? "Throw another bag of money at it. I've got plenty more where that came from."

Anonymous said...

Just say NO to Triple Term Bloombucks and any down ballot Council candidates he supports like Ognibene and Ullrich. What Mr. Moneybags buys he will OWN, lock, stock, and barrel and they will support all his plans to destroy what little is left of middle class NYC. Vote and make Nov 3 the poll that counts.

Anonymous said...

I got one of those calls too and the minute they mentioned Bloombucks I let them go thru the entire script, trust me it's long, when he was done he asked if I would support Bloombucks, I said no. He asked why I said because HE LIES. The guy hung up on me. I just love wasting their time.

Anonymous said...

It's shades of "Boys From Brazil" I tell ya!

There was another clone descendant of Der Fuhrer (heh, heh, heh)'s apparently Der Bloom-fuhrer and his well oiled "B" party!

Well..if Dr. Goebbels was Adolph's PR Mike's got his.

A series of little lies can be skillfully woven by a master spin doctor until it begins to resemble the truth.

But this bad economy has caused most of us to tighten our belts and sharpen our wits.

Bloom-fuhrer won't be able to fool the majority of us when we're about to flip the little black lever for Bill Thompson this November!

Hitler made a big mistake invading Poland. It polarized the world and led to his downfall.

Mike made his big boo-boo in hijacking democracy by imposing his 3rd term run upon the electorate!

Auf weiderzein, Herr Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

We've endured 8 long years of Emperor Michael's reign as an elitist, heartless tyrant.

Now Bum-turd thinks he can convince everybody in just about a month remaining that he's the best choice for us all!

Pew...what a wet-fart-in-his-boxers stinking lie!

He's certainly NO FRIEND of any middle class resident I've spoken to lately!

Anonymous said...

Just say the T words loudly everywhere every day all over this city until Nov 3. NO TRIPLE TERM, YES THOMPSON! The little people must mobilize to send King Bloombucks and his vassals packing.

Anonymous said...

I got a call from someone in Bloomy's camp asking if I would vote for him. I very respectfully replied that I could not as I felt Bloomy's ads stating he was for the middle class were a joke. He slammed the phone down on me in the middle of my response. I sent an email to the Czar's office, but still no response.

Anonymous said...

Just think of it...Natzli Parvisi....Bloomie's CAU commish has to read all this stuff and compile reports on the general buzz for her fuhrer.

And there are some who dare question the outreach of Queens Crap.

Be assured that our words are being heard fellow posters!

Ah the power of the unfettered new era!

Anony2 said...

They called be a while ago and I said AVELLA!
They asked me why not BB? I told them the truth.

I guess I'm blacklisted now :)

NYC News & Analysis said...

Just reposted your report on Digg. Thanks for the information, Queens Crap. We can trust you to give us the "news about Bloomberg's use of push polling."