Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letters to the Queens Tribune in response to Halloran hit piece

It's his business

To the Editor:

I've lived in Whitestone for over 40 years and have read the Queens Tribune since it started publishing. I was shocked to see the headline of your Sept 17th issue that reads "Democratic victor vs. Pagan Lord." This has to be the most disgusting, raw, blatant political hit piece I've ever seen. In addition, you go so far as to use a cutesy, flattering picture of Kim alongside a very unflattering photo of Halloran. Wow, guess you couldn't find another photo huh? Who on earth do you think you're kidding? Are you taking direct payments from the Kim campaign? [The answer is YES. - QC]

Let me ask you this; what would you think of a newspaper that had a headline,

"Democratic victor vs. Jew" or
"Democratic victor vs. Muslim"
"Democratic victor vs. Hindu"

Do you have any journalistic integrity? Why don't you tell us about Kim's religion? Because it shouldn't make a difference, that's why! You really should be deeply embarrassed to publish such trash. You owe an apology to your readers and to the people of Queens county for writing such a vile and biased headline. I'm not associated with Halloran or the Republican Party, nor am I a pagan, but his religion, like everybody else's religion, is his business and should not be used against him like a political hammer. This is a simply disgraceful misuse of your ability to publish a local paper. I plan to make some more noise about this. This is the year 2009 and bias based on religion should be a thing of the past.

John LaPorte

You should be fair

To the Editor:

Thank you for the news on Dan Halloran and his religion. Since you seem to think this is so important to the voters give us the religions of everyone who is running for office. I think this column is very biased. It is plain to see who you endorse. Newspapers should be fair and unbiased.

Lucie M. Shannon

Focus on accomplishments

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday night, after it was apparent I had not won the Democratic Primary in District 19, I called Kevin Kim and congratulated him on his victory. I pledged my support to Kevin and told him I would assist him in any way I could. Kevin is intelligent and articulate and is a great candidate for City Council.

With his win in the Democratic Primary, Kim now has to face Republican Dan Halloran on Nov. 3. While I disagree with Dan on many issues, Dan is also intelligent and articulate. I am looking forward to a lively General Election campaign where Kevin and Dan will debate the issues and the people will choose which candidate can best serve them in City Hall. At the end of the day, as a true Democrat, I hope that Kevin, and his Democratic values, will be victorious.

Last week I was appalled at the front page story of the Queens Tribune about Dan Halloran's religion. I may be a little sensitive because my Catholic mother and Jewish father just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary last week, but the article about Dan's religion was despicable. Since I grew up in a home where my parents practiced different religions, I came to understand that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. As someone who has studied the U.S. Constitution and the history of our great nation, I have also come to understand that freedom of religion was the basis of the early European settlements of this nation and is one of the fundamental rights of all Americans. How dare anyone claim that one religion is superior to another? That article was shameful!

I hope that such disgusting, sensationalist journalism will cease and allow this campaign to move forward based on the ideology, experience and qualifications of the two candidates. Let the campaign be about overdevelopment, education, ethics in government and services for seniors. It should not be about the religion of the candidates.

It is particularly disturbing that this trash emanated from the press. You should know better! We, as a society, rely on the press to report the news and inform us of what is happening in our world. It is not the duty of the press to chastise and criticize a religion in favor of another religion. As you should know, our right to freedom of the press emanates from the First Amendment of the Constitution. You should read the First Amendment because that same amendment also forms the basis of freedom of religion in our nation.

Steve Behar

Why should we care?

To the Editor:

Though a life-long Democrat, I found your post-primary cover, and the Halloran article, examples of the worst kind of fear-mongering politicking. There was absolutely NOTHING in the article to suggest why anyone should care about Dan Halloran’s religion, however unusual, or how it might influence his performance in office. It was clearly run to instigate animus towards him in otherwise potential voters.

Moreover, if your cover featured Kim in a political context, then the cover picture & headline for Halloran should have, also. If the cover featured Halloran in a religious context, then Kim should have been presented that way, too.

What is his religion? Is he Buddhist? If so, doesn’t that make him a kind of pagan, also? We just don’t usually think of applying the word to a world religion.

Is Kim Christian? If Christian, to what church does he belong? Does it believe that it is the only true faith? Does it believe that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as personal savior is going to hell? Does it believe the Jews killed Christ? Does it believe the Catholic church is a false sect?

Or does he have no religion?

I know that Kim is a Gary Ackerman staffer, and your paper is an Ackerman publication, whatever the official legalities might be now. Apparently you have decided to become a campaign organ of one candidate for office. Whether or not he is the best candidate, you have prostituted your journalistic integrity.

For shame.

Cheshire Frager

Is this relevant?

To the Editor:

I am offended by your cover article which labels republican city council candidate Dan Halloran as a pagan lord and a heathen. Your decision to sensationalize Mr. Halloran's personal religious beliefs distracts from any relevant aspects of the council race and goes against the underlying American principle of separation of church and state. Catholicism, Islam or any religion for that matter can be made to seem foreign, but your failure to mention Mr. Kim's religion and choice to focus only on Mr. Halloran's faith and not his policy creates a truly unfair slant.

In your article, "Change has Come: New Faces" you highlight the diversity brought by candidates of various ethnic backgrounds and sexual preferences, but failed to mention Mr. Halloran's unique beliefs as part of the "ever-changing face of the people of Queens." I expect better of the Tribune and feel Mr. Halloran deserves more impartial treatment The two candidates are running for City Council not religious counselor and your reporting should be carried out accordingly.

Dan Schweiger


Anonymous said...

Oooh Crapster. You may have just ruffled "Ruffles" Rafferty's feathers. I wonder what he will say now. I doubt if he has the nerve to come back and defend himself and/or the paper...because THERE IS NO DEFENSE!!!

Mike Tirelli said...

Well. It looks like the masses are alive and well, and very responible in their views. It's like a breath of fresh air.

Confused said...

Ummm, Crapper, I've got this week's issue in front of me and all of these letters are in it. What's the point of this?

Queens Crapper said...

Ummm, Confused, it's so there is an internet record of them since the Trib doesn't publish them on their website.

Anonymous said...

I think this little stunt may just backfire on Kim, et al.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing these letters have been posted here. Some comments to the Halloran smear piece which appeared in the Queens Tribune on line edition seem to have disappeared.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Some comments to the Halloran smear piece which appeared in the Queens Tribune on line edition seem to have disappeared.

Schenkler is my stooge!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

LibertyBoyNYC said...


You are a Maoist twerp


Political Blogger said...

The smear about Dan Halloran was expanded into a smear about the Queens GOP in a recent Huffington Post article by a Ms. Lisa Derrick. Here was my response (which HP has not yet "moderated" to put on line):

A significant point in Ms. Derrick's article is factually completely incorrect.

To set the record straight: The Queens County Republican Executive Committee and its officers (whom Ms. Derrick refers to as the Queens GOP "honchos") NEVER for a single minute considered replacing Dan Halloran on the city council ticket or "slipping" Halloran into a Supreme Court judgeship instead of the city council post. The Queens County GOP was aware of Mr. Halloran's religion from the outset, and has always been, and continues to be 1000% supportive of Mr. Halloran's candidacy because he is a highly qualified attorney, dedicated to public service. The same folks who wrote the smear piece about Mr. Halloran's religion are believed to have spread the false smear about the Queens GOP.

Moreover, as Michael Steele, Elaine Chao, Alberto Gonzales, Condeleeza Rice, and numerous others can attest, there is also nothing unusual about the party of Lincoln displaying tolerance.


Major Doucheturd said...

more dem hackery from the trib? i dont beleive it.... lets flood thier email with a bunch more of these kinds of letters and see which they run this week.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Dan Halloran is an Eagle Scout...no small achievement in anybody's book!.

In fact it involves great dedication...long hard hours of study and work to ultimately wear that badge of honor.

That's precisely the kind of integrity and dedication that we need in the 19th district.

Now I suppose the Trib can take this and liken Dan's Boy Scout status to being in the Jugend Corps
(Hitler Youth)!

Anonymous said...

Why do Queens voters time and again choose he or she who worked for a local politician asswipe rather than on the candidate with actual accomplishments?

Anonymous said...

Because Gary Ackerman started the Tribune as a propaganda outlet to position and sell political products.

First himself and then all of the others that bore the clubhouse stamp of approval.

The average dummy believes what he reads in the papers.

The Trib-rag is most adept at creating their candidates "accomplishments".

There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman should be censured on the floor of congress for slandering religious freedom.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman should be censured on the floor of congress for slandering religious freedom.


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading this toilet paper long ago - I don't see it in Western Queens anymore, anyway. Good riddance.

georgetheatheist said...

Rafferty's 9/19/09 response to an email I sent him, verbatim:

"If Kevin -or anybody for that matter - were the ordained head of their religion and deliberately kept it hidden from the voters when running for office we would do a piece on them.

This is not about religious practices, we could care less about the nature of a man's faith. No, this story is about Dan being the 'king' and 'lord' - his words - and having people swear loyalty oaths to him, and then hiding it the moment somebody starts poking around.

We are not attacking his faith - read the story. We are actually explaining the leadership role that he has in it. Would you vote for a guy who was secretly a Catholic bishop, ran for office without telling anyone, and then tried to cover his tracks the moment somebody caught wind? That is what this equates to. I don't care what he does in the privacy of his home, it is the role he has within a vast network that he has tried to obfuscate that raises my eyebrows."

Anonymous said...

"If Kevin -or anybody for that matter - were the ordained head of their religion and deliberately kept it hidden from the voters when running for office we would do a piece on them."

HA HA HA, yeah, he is the next in line for the throne, an Ackerman asswipe, and Rafferty would write a piece on what a dirtbag he is. Okaaaay...

"this story is about Dan being the 'king' and 'lord' - his words - and having people swear loyalty oaths to him, and then hiding it the moment somebody starts poking around."

They want to out a king, they should concentrate on Bloomturd. He's more damaging than Halloran will ever be. Oh wait, that would mean the loss of those full-page ads...

"Would you vote for a guy who was secretly a Catholic bishop, ran for office without telling anyone, and then tried to cover his tracks the moment somebody caught wind?"

How could someone "secretly" be a Catholic bishop?

Brian Rafferty: full of shit.

Anonymous said...

How do you "run for office without telling anyone"?

You mean like the way that Byrne woman ran on the WFP line so it could be handed to Kim without question?

Where's the Trib expose on that?

Ruffles said...

Don't hate me because I am a bigoted, hateful dullard. Doink!

Anonymous said...

John Laporte says,"I'm not associated with Halloran or the Republican Party." But your AOL screen name is NYCGOP. So what gives?

Anonymous said...

I feel the point Rafferty makes in his response is a valid one, but it doesn't excuse the piece's sensationalism. The article was clearly a political punch below the belt.

Yet even so, I have to admit that I found myself laughing while I read the piece -- not laughing at Dan's relgion, which I respect, but just laughing the way kids laugh when they rag on each other. I hope Dan can come up with some equally entertaining trash to tell about Kim.

Anonymous said...

Please look at the facts: First is that Dan Halloran lived in district most of this life and as well as attending St Andrews Roman Catholic School. Kevin Kim moved into district less than a year ago from down town flushing. Dan Hallorans family members have been for past three generations and are still fireman/police officers. Dan has comitted to perseve our community. Kevin Kim is a lawyer you helps real estate developers! Just look at where his campaign money is coming from, mostly from outside the district from various Asian builders/real estate developers looking to turn our district into down town flushing.

Anonymous said...

so, i just looked at kim's donors and of 800 or so donors there are, wait for it, 5 contributions from developers, and 3 of them live in california. not sure thats going to get your house knocked down. anyone look at whose donating to o'halloran?

Queens Crapper said...

So, I just linked to Kim's donor's and if you bother to actually visit you will see that about 95% of his contributions come from people who live outside his district.

Maybe the Trib can do an expose on that!

Queens Crapper said...

Here's Halloran's for comparison.

Anonymous said...

ok what about the fact that Kevin Kim moved to Bayside on Feb. 2009 and the first time he voted in this district was for himself!

Anonymous said...

I made up my mind the facts are clear. We most vote on Nov. 3rd because if we don't vote it is a vote for Kim! Everyone let your voice be heard make sure you vote on Nov.3rd