Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suzannah catches Yassky volunteer red-handed

Yassky breaking law yet again. He is not alone. Primary day brought out sheer madness and complete disregard for the law by to many people that clearly have no respect for the law and I wonder if they pay for fines from campaign donations?

The blog link has photos of the candidates breaking the law in the East Village.

Here I catch another young man breaking the law on behalf of David Yassky. When I confront him he does stop which is more for the young man I caught today.

I tell you about confronting David Yassky and I believe -- oops he told me a "white lie" that he did not vote for a third term for himself. I believe he did. He did so to win favor with Mike Bloomberg so he did vote for a third term for himself and he envisions himself as Mike Bloomberg's comptroller.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Thanks for posting. When they get fined, do they pay the fines with campaign money? Is that allowed?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed against the law and a nearly blind friend of mine was fined a thousand dollars when he did this to advertise a yard sale.

A few weekends later he did the same thing, but with an altered poster that gave a false address in a city-owned building just for spite.

If you and I can't do it, why should they?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Agreed! They are confident they are above the law. They don't care if they get caught. They will just pay the fines and I don't think the money comes out of their own pockets so why should they care?

In a small way it says a lot.

Even the way the young man talks to me double talk -- he illustrates politicians doing their double talk.

When I confronted David Yassky on the street and asked him, "Did you vote to extend term limits?"

Yassky responded, "Yes, but I did not vote for myself." A blatant lie. He did vote for himself to win favor with Bloomberg with the hopes of being his comptroller.

The only thing worse than worse than a lying politician is dating a lying politician.

Anonymous said...


The only thing you demonstrated here is what a lunatic you are.

Seriously, nice job catching some dirty and illegal business- but your rabid insanity distracts from the offenses.

Anonymous said...

Suzanna, leave Yassky alone. go after Bloomberg or Quinn. he is running against LIU and we don't want LIU as comptroller. Please stop it. Liu supports the cruel horse drawn carriage industry and liu is a liar and crook. God help us all if LIU is comptroller.

Anonymous said...

Liu has posted all his illegal signs all over the city. go after liu.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Yassky voted to extend term limits.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that the citizens of NYC are left with very little choice, especially in the comptroller race. Whoever does get the nod will know that they will be scrutinized more than any other comptroller in NYC history. No more pandering and no more corruption!!! Oh wait, I forgot. The media is bought and paid for and the "deals" will go unreported. The Big Apple is cooked. We need a turnover of elected officials across the board.

Anonymous said...

Please understand that working people are paid to put up those signs! Some body is able to pay their gas bill, rent and buy groceries thanks to the wanna be politicians.

eventually when it rains the signs get messed up or the wind takes them down.

those pesky flyers? Again, people are paid to give them out and stuff them under your door.

The election campaigning only happens in one season unless there is a special election, which rarely happens.

If you see someone on the street giving out flyers, do them a favor and take one. then they can leave sooner.

I don't know what you do for a living, but have you noticed that there are very few "real" jobs, ones that are steady w/benefits?

People have to eat and pay rent, so they do what they can to make a living.

Queens Crapper said...

"Please understand that working people are paid to put up those signs! Some body is able to pay their gas bill, rent and buy groceries thanks to the wanna be politicians."

You're full of shit. Political campaigns are 99% volunteer. Why do they volunteer? In the hopes that they will be offered a job or a favor should the candidate win. Or they are his/her friend.