Monday, September 28, 2009

Johnny the poster boy

Somehow I doubt there's an "Alliance for Asian-American Civil Liberty."

But I like the poster nonetheless.


Queen of Queens said...

I'm tellin' ya dearie....he didn't get those lips from practicing on doorknobs or any collagen injections either!

Maybe lip service for Ackerman?

Forget Tommy Huang's joint.
It's just a rice crispy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those are black lies spewing from his mouth...'ol Liu-ie "the liar"!

Anonymous said...

love the poster

Anonymous said...

Yup - That's Him!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard John Liu condemn the murder of 77 million innocent people by Mao Zedong and his followers?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the name of that Washington, DC newspaper that referred to John Liu as the Chinese or China (?) connection?

I'm going to run a Google check on it.

I heard a blurb about it on the radio but I didn't catch the name.

ACT UP! said...

Well here is one group that goes beyond complaining on a blog and 'hoping' and 'wishing' and ACTS UP!

A political season or two of this and 90% of our civic problems would be behind us sweeties.

Anonymous said...

Lui is a liar and a crook like his father who stole from Great Eastern Bank in Chinatown. Most of the stolen money wasn't repaid and the taxpayers were foot the bill of 1 million dollars. Liu will run us blind and bankrupt the city if he is elected.

Anonymous said...

Epoch times perhaps is the people that you are referring to.

Louie Bee said...

John Lie has a campaign offics at 300 bedford brooklyn ny 11211 in williamsburg brooklyn. Stock with ACORN Workers. As I was passing by to ACORN worker cam out and one worker gave the other a bag of pot. if anyone want to work with me to expose them please feel free and email me at the more the merrier

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Epoch Times" tip.

It was some read!

I urge all to read the condemning articles therein on Liu being hooked up with the triads, Fukienese gangs, the Chinese Communist Party, discrepancies in his campaign donations, etc.

Just Google "Epoch Times John Liu".

Whew...if only 50% of these stories are true...this candidate for comptroller is much more than just a simple pathological liar!

Anonymous said...

Even the secret society can't keep the truth from coming out. Liu is a fraud, liar, cheat and a racist.

I LOVE THAT POSTER! I Hope it is at every one of the polling places tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Liu will just contact his Communist Chinese goons and they'll pull all those posters down.

There's bound to be a recurrence of violence between the Faulin Gong and Red Chinese again.

Anonymous said...

The stories in Epoch Times are True. They are not dumb or lazy as some of the American reporters. The epoch times have Asian people who translate all the Chinese media. Liu stated in china that he and his father lived in a mansion with hired help in Taiwan. Liu is a privileged son and not the sweatshop kid. Liu lied to the american media since he know how to scam people. His father is convicted bank robber. Also I can not stand azi paybarah who is so biasedly supporting liu. I send him links to Queens crap and other blogs on liu and he won't post them. Azi is a disgrace.

Queens Crapper said...

Not one "traditional" media outlet has reported on what John Liu did to the Kelly family in that custody case. Why do you think that is?

Anonymous said...

queens crapper, are you being serious or is that a rhetorical question?

answer: because race still matters.

Anonymous said...

WOW. THE "YELLOW RACE PERIL" IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL. I worked for Civil Rights here and in the South and found it was worse in the North. Hasn't changed.

Anonymous said...

Again, Liu is a fuckwit and a liar. Yassky is devilspawn. Do not vote for Yassky - stay home or vote for Monty Burns instead.

Anonymous said...

re: queenscrap post "bloomberg's dob,bsa jeopardize
toddlers"8/26/09. john c. liu's landlord,and owner of the proposed day care center at 196 29 42 avenue,flushing,n.y., has just been fined $5000.00 by DOB. they violated a STOP WORK ORDER on 9/8/09.the owner is listed as a donor to liu's comptroller campaign.

a 30' tree was also destroyed by concrete trucks,but no fine listing on the DOB site? why?

the DOB has STOP WORK ORDERS on three other sites in this flushing/bayside area?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you never worked anywhere down south except maybe between somebody's legs.

All we've got is your word..."lip service".

Furnish some proof you were a civil rights worker!

You can be anything you want to be on a blog.

Anonymous said...

You're giving away your age with that "yellow peril" crap.

Nobody cares what color anyone is just whether or not they happen to be crooks.

John Liu's father happens to be a convicted criminal!

And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anyway, it'll all be over by way or the other!

Anonymous said...

It'll NEVER be over for John Liu on Queens way or the other!


P-s-s-s-s-t...we just heard that the feds like to follow Queens Crap too.

So if we get a tip about anyone doing anything "naughty" it will get posted here.

We're all gonna become junior G-men!

You never know what this cyber dragnet will pull in.

Tum, tee, tum, tum!

Anonymous said...

As a Chinese I 100% do not support Liu. He is a crook. He's a disgrace to the community.