Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hiram video is extremely incriminating

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

From the NY Times:

State Senator Hiram Monserrate dragged his bleeding companion through the lobby of a Queens building so violently last Dec. 19 that she dropped a towel pressed to her face, a security video played on Monday in court showed.

The fleeting and grainy images, crucial evidence for the prosecution in the senator’s domestic violence trial in State Supreme Court in Queens, also show Mr. Monserrate yanking the woman, Karla Giraldo, down the stairs and away from a neighbor’s door where, prosecutors say, she was ringing the bell for help.


kingb said...

and this is what passes for a political leader in New York these days


Hiram E. Neuman said...

What...me guilty?

Anonymous said...

Like most political spouses, she chooses to stay with this monster.

Anonymous said...

Throw his ass in jail before he kills someone.

Anonymous said...

There is no slam dunk "Karla gets smashed across the face" footage. What you see is a woman freaking out and her boyfriend trying (maybe too forcefully) to get her to the hospital. And if the defense's assertions are true, their story could possibly hold up. There's nothing conclusive in the video.

The real part of the trial is coming up. Does the prosecution have forensic evidence proving the cut could only have been cause by great force created by an ex-cop's flabby but somewhat strong arm? Psychiatrists testifying about a domestic violence victim's behavior? What the hell is Hiram's excuse for going to LIJ instead of Elmhurst Hospital? That's a 15 minute drive compared to a five minute walk. More time to get their story straight?

And of course, KG herself should, by all rights, take the stand.

The video is window dressing.

Hiram's attorney isn't stupid. A jury with at least 5 women would've hissed at the video. A judge who already opened his stupid mouth about the video will now give it less weight in order to save face. Regardless, there isn't a conviction on the horizon... yet.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Disgusting. Bravo for you for posting. I know the feeling in term of my freedom of speech today. YouTube is my Hiram.

Anonymous said...

"A judge who already opened his stupid mouth about the video will now give it less weight in order to save face."

Now that the public has seen the video, I doubt that will happen.

Anonymous said...

He is an ex-cop who has supposedly been trained in how to deal with victims and emergency situations. I don't think NYPD 101 teaches you to drag the victim that you're trying to help backwards out the door while she is screaming. He could have called 911 and tried to keep her calm. I think the video is quite incriminating.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything incriminating in the video. As another person noted, it shows a woman freaking out, maybe because her face was accidently slashed, and Monster Rat dragging her to the hospital, where she may not have wanted to go, for medical attention. Without her testimony under oath that he purposely broke the glass and slashed her with it, the prosecution has nothing. I post this with much regret, as I am no fan of Monster Rat.

Queens Crapper said...

Nope. You don't need the victim's testimony. The hospital workers testimony and domestic violence experts should do him in.

Anonymous said...

"it shows a woman freaking out, maybe because her face was accidently slashed, and Monster Rat dragging her to the hospital, where she may not have wanted to go, for medical attention."

Yeah, that sounds believable.

Anonymous said...

According to the DA, Giraldo told the ER doctor that “we were fighting and I ask for water and he brought the water, but he said, ‘you want the water! You want the water!’”

Kessler said that Giraldo then reenacted this taunting to the ER doctor, showing how Monserrate moved in towards her. Suddenly the glass broke in his hand – also causing him injury – and he then cut her face. Kessler said the downstairs neighbor – who did not appear in court today – said she heard a body fall to the floor, a woman start crying, and a man who in a stern voice said, “listen to me!” Kessler said Giraldo fell to the floor.

During the defense’s opening, Tacopina refuted these points by first reminding that the since Giraldo had been intoxicated – not that he blamed the victim – she may have been impaired which may have added to her panicking.

At 2:40 a.m. Giraldo, from where she laid on the right side of the bed asked Monserrate for water. As a result of the “confines of a small pitch black room,” Monserrate stumbled, splashing the water on Giraldo, who became startled, jerked upward and collided with the glass in Monserrate’s hand. At which point, Monserrate fell to the floor, Giraldo screamed and Monserrate in a soft voice said, “listen to me.”

So he spoke to her in a "soft voice" which was loud enough for the neighbor downstairs to hear it?

Anonymous said...

His girlfirend is drunk and Hiram triped should it be the other way around

Anonymous said...

That video is very incriminating. Too bad there is no audio. It does NOT look like he's helping her to the car but forcing her to the car. You can definitely tell she's upset and he does not look like he's consoling her but more like he's angry he's got to do something. If my husband accidentally cut me he wouldn't have been manhandling me that way. Monster Rat looks pissed in the video. Body language is everything.

Anonymous said...

The best part is them leaving the building between the two front doors. Watch it by playing pause and play. It shows her screaming and being jerked violently while losing her grasp on the door handle.

Anonymous said...

Three things to say after viewing this video:

1.) He's got to go to jail.
2.) He's got to go to jail.
3.) He's got to go to jail.

-Joe said...

Doesnt make a dam difference whats on the tape.
They will claim she was drunk and he's holding her up. Central American woman never testify, its tradition to be beaten by their men.

Animal will likley get a slap on the wrist fine for administrative costs and anger class.
Have no doubt deals already been lets say...emm: 'Remunerated"

Speaking of :
Does Anbody remember those old Atlantic City back scratchers on the long sticks with hands ?

Anonymous said...

Any guy who's ever tried to reign in a drunk (and thus temporarily insane) woman can testify that this video depicts nothing significant.

Anonymous said...

Joe, with all due respect any woman in her right mind would be careful going against such a dangerous man.

True story. My Ex, started seeing a woman who was the "property" of an abusive creep.

When she dumped Mr. Crazyman's ass he tried to stab my ex on one occassion, ran down and crippled a complete stranger trying to get at my Ex on another occassion, and then went to Connecticut and demolished a rental home where lady friend was trying to make a new life.

Tactics of lowlife creeps include: stalking, attempted murder, burglary, slander, harrassment at work designed to cause the target to become unemployed, destruction of cars and homes.

Psycho-maniacs are not deterred by jail sentences, lawsuits, embarrassment, ostracism or anything else. They are always right, and always will be no matter what.

If an ex-girlfriend feels sorry for the new paramour, you know things are bad.

Anonymous said...

The law sticks up for ex-cops!

Wasn't the late Dem clubhouse boss Tom Manton an ex-cop?

There's still a sketchy story circulating around that officer Manton was in a bar and someone got a hold of his service weapon and shot a customer (?) with it.

The tale continues in that Manton subsequently fled (?) the scene (???).

Somewhere further on in the time frame Manton retired from the NYPD.

Was he offered a retirement deal in lieu of a full investigation and possible dismissal?

Does anyone know anything about this? A Times Ledger reporter (many years ago) once confided that he'd heard of that story too.

Nobody enjoys speaking ill of the departed but it's best that this rumor or truth be finally qualified and laid to rest.

Anonymous said...

Bullsh*t ! --- If you cant defend yourself thats what the 2nd amemdment is for. If the woman dont like guns and was dumb enough to pick such a wacko, gang banger maybee she deserves it.

Smashing up a home...thats even better "Castle Doctrine"

Anonymous said...

Well, my dear. As I mentioned in my tale of woe, Mr. Madman did jail time for running down the stranger.

In fact he invaded not just Missy's home, but my Ex's home (a separate location and time), where my Ex's life was saved because EX had icepick handy when knife-wielding kook started slashing at him in the doorway of his own home.

Said icepick was for cleaning corroded contacts on antique radios making my Ex one of the few people who still have a legitimate reason for carrying such.

When my ex tried to report the attempted murder to the cops, he was chided for having an icepick.

After all, if you had to walk several blocks to a police station after escaping being killed, you would immediately toss away the one thing that had stood between you and death.

Although this was a violent jailbird who attacked a man with a deadly weapon while the man was in his own home, police still blamed the victim.

You don't need the castle doctrine. You need the stones to kill the bastard and then drop him in the East River with lead weights attached.

Anonymous said...

First of all Domestic Violence is wrong. Who among us can say that we have never had heated arguments with our loved one, when someone loses their temper and regrets it later. Domestic Violence is a pattern of abuse both physical and mental intended to control the victim. This case seems more like a very terrible incident in two people's lives.

Monserrate does not have any prior arrests for domestic violence, nor does he have a history of domestic violence. Both Monserrate and Giraldo have wanted to put this case behind them. They have repeatedly requested that the order of protection be lifted so they can be together again. The judge denied this. What should have happened in this case is that the DA should reviewed all the evidence including the victims testimony to the grand jury, they should have interviewed Giraldo's friends, co-workers, and family to see if there was a history of violence, this would have determined if their existed a history of abuse and violence. Someone would have said something to the DA.

Somewhere along the line we need to believe Giraldo when she repeatedly states it was an accident. If the alleged victim is saying that under oath, then that is pretty powerful evidence. We need to refocus the case to what it really was; an unfortunate incident in a couple's lives, not a domestic abuse situation.

Anonymous said...

He is a low life scumbag that deserves to go to jail and lose his seat on the senate.

Why not go to Elmhurst Hospital? Because people would recognize him. He is a coward jerk.

This judge better do the right thing!