Monday, September 28, 2009

Mike saving jobs left and right

From Mike Bloomberg's 5-Borough Economic Opportunity Plan:

Mike has a plan to get New Yorkers through this recession. His Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan is designed to maximize every resource the City has to help limit the effects of the recession and create or retain 400,000 jobs for hard working New Yorkers.

From the Daily News:

Three hundred city employees are getting the ax today with more to follow in the coming weeks, as Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts take a chunk out of the city workforce.

"It says something about who he's running the city for," said Faye Moore, president of Social Service Employees Union Local 371. "We have people with 15 years' [experience] hitting the street."

She said 289 child welfare workers are being laid off from the Administration for Children's Services, even while other city departments are hiring new employees.


Suzannah B. Troy said...

Lay offs, empty store front, mass evictions, city planning serving developers not protecting the communities ....

welcome to Mike Bloomberg's New York.

Anonymous said...


Mike's giving out hand jobs!

That's all!

Oh but he'll give us the "real thing" if he's re-elected...a big "whammie" up the ass!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Hey "Suzanna"...that balloon in your photo just gave me an idea.

How about staging an art/press event?

Put a slew of Bloomberg's campaign promises on "more jobs...better schools...neighborhood preservation", etc.

Then release them all into the air or pop them with a pin.

I'll attend!

Taxpayer said...

Saving jobs?

Or savaging jobs?

How about the several thousand union jobs he will destroy at Willets Point?

He's planning the destruction of those families so his already extremely wealthy developer cronies can get even richer off the backs of children whose father and mother are unemployed and without health insurance.

"Let them eat trans-fat!" is his motto.

Let the children of the unemployed whose jobs he destroys rot!

Who needs helpless children when there's money to be made?

Dump this monstrosity!

Dump him quick.

Elect Thompson.

Let Thompson know that he is insecure when elected. He MUST be honest with us.

Dump turtle-face!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Are you calling me a liar?