Thursday, September 24, 2009


From the NY Post:

Monserrate's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, had said during opening arguments in Queens Supreme Court that Giraldo spoke "Spanglish" -- a mix of English and Spanish -- and that she had been misunderstood by the hospital staff.

But [Dr.] Korte said her father was from Panama and mother hailed from Puerto Rico, and as a result grew up speaking Spanish at home with her grandparents. She also said she studied in Spain.

Korte said she understood Giraldo, who is originally from Ecuador, and that the conversation was in both Spanish and English.

Korte said Giraldo reenacted the fight, saying Monserrate was "thrusting the glass forward -- angrily" when he attacked her.

"She was upset ... She was sobbing," said Korte of Giraldo.

Korte said Giraldo told her, "No! No! You can't call the police."


Anonymous said...

Korte is an ER doctor at LIJ, not a nurse.

Taxpayer said...


The State Senate is about to change hands, once again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you MonseRAT you've inspired me to assault my girlfriend and lie and most likely get away with it. Broken glass, BRB.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you got? That the nurse was confused? I am dying to know why he drove past Elmhurst CMC and all the other emergency rooms in Queens to go to Long Island Jewish Hospital.

A. Rat said...

I am EXTREMELY offended that you keep putting that criminal's face on my body!

-Joe said...

Why he drove past Elmhurst CMC ?
Here my opinion:
Rat was likely loaded and high as a kite from the Booze and Coke fueled evening fundraiser for Caroline Slossberg at the Queens museum in the park.
The "card" Ms.Carla had in her purse (that started the arguement)was likley used to cut coke.
Rat had to sober up, chew some gum and dump some evidence.
That’s what a cop friend of mine at the 6th PCT in Manhasset thinks.
The Manhasset 6th PCT cops didn’t know rat was operating a automobile the time.
The city cops & DTs who took over knew but they didn’t give him a breathalyzer or check his car or the womans purse.
This whole thing reeks of blue wall and city currpution

BTW: A search on You Tube reveals rats woman is some kind of soft porn actress...And she's likley an illegal to boot.
There isnt a word of that in the news.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

He has to jail.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for the ER Doctor to lie. The Doctor stated the events as they happened. I guess no one thought to pay him off to lie.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I guess DA Brown is really trying to throw this case - w/ evidence like that! A Dr.! Who would believe a doctor!

(In case you don't know; I'm being sarcastic! This POS is going down!)

Anonymous said...

Sabini probably wants his job back. The Dems hate Hiram.

Anonymous said...

Hiram Montserrate for chief ratchatcher of Cell Block C.

Anonymous said...

MonseRat new Girlfriend in jail will be named bubba. Don't drop the soap Hiram you girl you

Anonymous said...

And what language did her wounds speak...ANGUISH...and fear of the thug that cut her up?

Puh-leeze...what sleaze we have representing us these days!

Clap 'im in irons and off to Botany Bay with 'im!

Anonymous said...

If you look back at the first report of the incident they had just left Joe Crowley's yearly
office Christmas Party....this whole thing will be swept under the

Anonymous said...

I like the way he suggests that the girlfriend was the drunk and the crazy--meanwhile, Hiram Monserrate has successfully convinced the NYPD that he is mentally disabled and is receiving a pension for mental disability.

So, a certified lunatic is calling others crazy and expecting to be believed.

Anonymous said...

The Rat will survive and bite everyone in the! A cornered rat is extremely dangerous, watch out Queens the rat will be back with a vengeance!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the rat goes to jail.