Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Willets Point's magical mystery numbers

Lie #1 - Job Creation

"The project will create the equivalent of more than 25,000 person-years (?????) of construction employment, about 5,000 permanent jobs in a diverse array of sectors including retail, office, entertainment, restaurant, education and hospitality, among others, as well as nearly 1,000 indirect jobs associated with the convention center." - current numbers on EDC website

"The city says its plan would create 20,000 construction jobs and 6,100 permanent jobs." - Newsday, 11/29/07

"The NYCEDC has estimated that it can offset industrial job loss with 7,000 new permanent jobs and 20,000 construction jobs." - The Christian Science Monitor, 5/22/08

"You're going to get 6,000 permanent jobs, 20,000 construction jobs." - Claire Shulman to NY1, 6/24/08***

"The development project will support 18,000 construction jobs and create more than 5,300 permanent jobs." - Claire Shulman op-ed in NY Sun, 8/14/08***

" and ongoing operation of the project, which is projected to create 5,500 permanent jobs and 18,000 construction jobs..." - Helen Marshall press release, 9/29/08

"...development of the overall project and the creation of 5,300 permanent and 18,000 construction jobs, at a time that will coincide with economic recovery." - NYCEDC president Seth W. Pinsky to Real Estate Weekly, 4/29/09

"The project will also create about 18,000 construction jobs and 5,000 permanent jobs." - EDC press release, 5/29/09

:::::::::::::::::::::::DRUMROLL PLEASE:::::::::::::::::::::::

"It is estimated that the development will produce 10 years of construction jobs for 2500 workers and will also yield up to 5,000 permanent positions." - Claire Shulman (FWPCLDC - click "benefits")***


Lie #2 - Economic Benefits:

"...a total positive economic impact on the New York City economy over the next 30 years of more than $1.5 billion." - Bloomberg press release, 5/1/07***

"In addition, the development would produce temporary and permanent construction jobs and could produce up to $3 billion in revenue for the city during the next 30 years." - Queens Chamber of Commerce, 8/08 newsletter

"It is also predicted that the overall fiscal impact of the Willets Point development will reach more than 4.2 billion dollars over 30 years." - Claire & EDC, current info

:::::::::::::::::::::::DRUMROLL PLEASE:::::::::::::::::::::::

"...projected to generate $25 billion in economic activity over next 30 years." - Helen Marshall press release, 9/29/08 & Bloomberg press release, 11/1/08***


You'd think these tweeding asses would make sure they're all spouting the same lies when they're attempting to tweed the masses.

Why isn't the Comptroller's office investigating this?



Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh Golly Gee !!

Ol' Crapper makes 'em all pee ....

Anonymous said...

"According to my rough abacus projections, the project will create about 4,683 temporary jobs, and 1,211 permanent jobs. It will attract about 3.5 billion in revenue projected after 10 years of the projects finalization. It should generate about 1,283 affordable housing units and considerably boost the economy of the surrounding neighborhoods. Local Van Wyck/Whitestone Expwy traffic will only be marginally affected.

The area as a whole will transform from a sub-productive, underperforming city location to a high volume city performance zone, benefiting local residents, Queens residents and the City as a whole.

It is an extraordinary deal for all involved."

That is all a heap of bullshit I made up. Its so easy to write the crap that these pols promote. Cut and paste it into pro WP development article comments, then expose it.

Houdini said...

I'm Jealous!

gay-dar said...

Thompson's probably busy at "the baths" playin' with some "number"!

Anonymous said...

Better make sure there are enough bars in the area so the construction workers can drink at lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thompson, while you're at it, why don't you look into the conflicts of interest at CB7 which greenlighted this mess and is bending over to the EDC regarding College Point projects. Getting nervous, Chuck?

Chumley McSnide said...

Of course these numbers will change over time as cost estimates and economic outlook are recalculated.

And why are we so puzzled by the term "person-years" (??????)? Do we also have trouble comprehending "man-hours"? What about "feet per second"? Maybe we shouldn't criticize what we don't adequately comprehend.

Queens Crapper said...

The numbers change so dramatically from month to month? And go up and down?

And no one uses the term "person-years" except someone obviously trying to use doublespeak.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chumley,

$1.5B - $3B - $4.2B - $25B are numbers pulled out of people's asses. It went from $1.5B at the outset to $25B in shitty economic times? Please.

It's funny how these people have gotten away with lying this entire time, because they are deliberately misrepresenting the number of jobs that will be available. And with the phased project, there will be nowhere near the amount of jobs.

You'd think these asswipes would at least all read from the same script.

Anonymous said...

Beware the trolls. The crapper is now a target because it has been effectively reporting on the truth.

raffie smalls said...

vote this asshole out hes the next Hitler mike must go bill or tony should be our next mayor . willets point is just a big land grab for mikes friends to make a lot of money

Anonymous said...

I agree, where is Thompson on yet another Bloomberg scam?

I think all of NYC budget woes could be solved by dissolving the EDC.

Tony gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill Thompson how did the pension scandals at City Hall happen under your watch and you think you can be mayor....?

B T said...

Duh. What were we talking about?

Liman said...

You don't get it. They're using Obamaspeak. You know, that's when you feel free to say ANYTHING to get your way, without even a thought as to whether it's true. It's all the rage! Get with it, man.

I do get a kick out the fact that they are hellbent to erect a small vibrant city in the worst possible place: on toxic ground, next to what we used to call Crotch River and wedged between highways and tracks. Of course, where else would you put it?

The business owners and employees there now can maybe be busboys at the Hotel Tweed to be built there. Screw 'em. They don't fit the program.

The shit's getting deeper. We keep kidding ourselves. We are doomed.