Thursday, July 23, 2009

Electrical contractor a real cheap bastard

From the NY Post:

A licensed master electrician with contracts at four Midtown hotels apparently skipped the class where they teach that wood burns.

He used homemade wooden collars to rig wires together -- a potentially deadly fire hazard -- in a bid to save a few bucks, The Post has learned.

Robert Spallino, owner of the Bronx-based Maximum Electrical Contracting Corp., even painted his wooden "carvings" black in a bid to fool inspectors into thinking they were made of fireproof metal, according to Department of Buildings documents.

"This contractor was willing to put people's lives in danger in order to save a few dollars, and his actions must not go unpunished," Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri told The Post yesterday.

Spallino, a licensed master electrician, was hit with a yearlong suspension of his license and a $100,000 fine -- one of the largest ever given to someone in his industry.


Anonymous said...

If this is a licensed guy, imagine what the untrained, non-union shoemakers are putting in. "Towering Inferno 21st Century" anyone? Let's hope that this goes no further than a movie theatre near you.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Brian Mc Laughlin's electrical pals!

Hey about rewiring the hot seat at Sing Sing!

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach, "reviring der Hot Seat at Zink Zink". Dey chust keep komink along, dese jokes. Harharhar!

Anonymous said...

this guy should get jail time.

Anonymous said...

Top dollar for shoddy dangerous workmanship is the rule these well as lack of enforcement.

Only when a famous person dies will something happen to change things.

Sid? said...

The very tip of a very large iceberg, unfortunately...

Anonymous said...

If you have never seen, or if it's been decades since you have seen the 70's Movie
"The towing Inferno",
by all means rent it.
It is about a sky scraper mega hotel that is suppose to be fire proof burning because of the contractors illegal cost cutting. It is amazing how this movie made in the 1970's was also so similar to what happened on 9/11

Electrical contractor New York said...

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Anonymous said...

Jail Time ! What a joke ! Bernie Madoff had more free time for doing far worst to the public !
The DOB just want to find a scape goat and asked there inspectors to come up with something. As if they had been taking care of business. Was this a bad dession? Yes could it have killed people NO
The wires are in ridgid conduit and a metal box so even if the wood cought on fire the fire would remain in the box never leaking out into the building. There is nothing worst than people making comments on things they no nothing about !!!!