Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, how cute!

From AM-NY:

To say that Michael Bloomberg collects $1 a year to be the city’s mayor would not be accurate.

That would require him actually cashing his checks.

Bloomberg, who foregoes a $225,000 annual mayoral salary, keeps his paychecks as souvenirs, said his spokesman, Stu Loeser. Bloomberg has often joked that his failure to cash his checks is throwing off the city’s accounting books by nearly $1 a year.

Don't you wish you could afford to keep your paychecks as souvenirs?


Anonymous said...

I did do a little volunteer work, where they nominally paid me some expenses - and I haven't chashed that check either - and it's even for a whole $5. They had to write the check, even if I didn't want it, so

Of course, I never considered it my JOB

Anonymous said...

Strange how this guy sees being mayor as this hobby where he can impose his will and beliefs on a whole city.

Chumley McSnide said...

Instead, he should be collecting the full $225,000 salary. Then you whiny-heads would have something real to complain about.
Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't...

Anonymous said...

He's collecting a lot more under the table. I would trust someone taking the $225,000.00 more. I don't believe people become billionaires by being altruistic.

Anonymous said...

The mayor spends xx millions on his campaign for what reason?

Bermuda Bombshell said...

I would like to know how his net worth skyrocketed once he became mayor.

Off shore help. Look where he lives - a murky tax haven that attracts all sorts.

Those Bermuda types are all a bit shady with stock fraud and the like a way of life.

Shut that place down!

Bloomberg said...

Who runs new york?

Anonymous said...

Better yet...who's running from new york?