Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No third term for Manhattan tweeder

From PolitickerNY:

City Councilman Alan Gerson has been removed from the ballot, according to a source at the city Board of Elections.

Gerson was seeking to be reinstated during a meeting today, but that effort was not successful, according to this source.

Gerson, a Democrat representing Lower Manhattan, had been facing a spirited primary challenge from a few opponents, including Margaret Chin, Peter Gleason and P.J. Kim.

Gerson is the first sitting elected official removed from the ballot this election cycle.

Hopefully he won't be the last 3rd termer, either. And he did vote "yes" last October.


Anonymous said...

What was his problem?

Ineffective, or not tweeder enough?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

If only all those that betrayed the people of NY by denying us a referendum and insisted on flushing Democracy down the toilet would leave with him, some preferably in handcuffs...

Suzannah B. Troy

Taxpayer said...

Didn't think there was any justice?

This is justice, poetic and real!

Ordinarily I thoroughly oppose any removal of any candidate from a ballot. Ordinarily, I believe in the rule: let the voters decide.

When he kicked us in our teeth for our vote against a third term (twice, remember?), he proved that he has no use for the voters anyway.

So, ta, ta treasonous Gerson. Suzannah has it all correct.

By the way, traitor, take your master with you. You can both go to Boston or Bermuda together!

Now, get lost!