Sunday, July 26, 2009

A challenging time in the 20th Council District

From the Queens Campaigner:

In the race to replace City Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing), even getting on the ballot is a battle.

With just under two months until the Democratic primary, 46 objections to candidates’ ballot petitions had been filed with the city Elections Board in the race for Liu’s seat — easily the most for any city race in Queens.

According to board records, as of 3 p.m. Monday all six Democrats and the lone Republican registered for the race had at least four challenges filed against them.

Constantine Kavadas received 10 challenges, S.J. Jung and Isaac Sasson each received seven, James Wu received five and John Choe and Yen Chou each received four. Peter Koo, a Republican, received nine challenges.


Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for this. Everyone knows about this and does absolutely nothing about it.

Tweeder programs. Developer desires?

Front and center. Every resource of government bent to satisfy those issues.

Serving the public? Getting them involved?

We need to do everything possible to discourage this.

Why doesn't someone challenge this and take it to the Supreme Court? Its worse than old abuses like Poll Tax.

And this in NYC? The self-style model for the world to admire?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Seems racist to me.

Anonymous said...

Who are making these challenges?

Name names.

Anonymous said...

Screw Constantine Kavadas! He challenged Tony Avella's petitions for Mayor! Talk about a County insider. I hope he gets bumped from the ballot and back to obscurity.

Taxpayer said...

What is this obsession in NY to prevent any competition?

Have serious candidates deposit say, $5000, to indicate they are running.

Place their name on the ballot, let them campaign, and WE decide.

Vote into oblivion anyone who tries to knock someone off the ballot. What does any challenge prove?

Anonymous said...

What if we knocked them all off?

I understand the objections, duplicate signatures, etc, but what if none of them made it???

Anonymous said...

It's comforting to known that even John Choe, the party bosses' pick, is having his petitions challenged.