Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The crappiest street in Queens?

Forgotten-NY thinks they've found it!

Click photo for story.


Anonymous said...

Linden Place is fugly. Absolute no attention to style, taste or architecture. Just build 'em cheap and fast enough to house as many people as possible. It is an urban eyesore without greenery.

Anonymous said...

Nice work.

Remember Francis Moron(e) pandering to the Queens leadership and the indifferent tweeded extolling the virtures of Vibrant! Diverse! Flushing.

Which is reality a festering slum? The block of Union off Northern is undoubtedly one of the ugliest blocks in North America, and I don't give a fig how many Chinese or Korean characters it has.

I'm not running for office, nor do I make money from tweeder programs.

So I can call a slum a slum. Go ahead. Try it. Its fun speaking your mind. Great being an American, no?

Good work. The Emperor has no clothes.

kingb said...

pretty sad that a housing project is the prettiest part of the neighborhood

georgetheatheist said...

Would someone please tear down the Quaker Meeting House and build a condo there? Please? Afterall, it is an old useless building.

Anonymous said...

Forgotten-NY forgot to mention the hooker activity -- not just at night, but also in the daytime -- on 32nd Ave around Farrington and Miller.

Lino said...

While I agree on the poor quality of this architecture, the bigger issue here is the pressure behind this mess to begin with: Greed.

If a typical frame house is sold for anywhere near three quarters of a million dollars, who do you expect will pay that: A developer.

I can say from frequently visiting these areas that the photos showing out-sized new buildings are often a bit deceptive, there are previously existing apt buildings nearby.

Bottom line here: Try to change the zoning...but greed is a powerful motivator, expect a fight.

Anonymous said...

Come down to Old Astoria where you will see the real abortions.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to do an exhibit of uglyass buildings.