Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bloomberg orders harrassment of legal gun owner

From the Daily News:

"This is the last legal gun that you can have without registration in New York," Littlejohn said. "And yet Mayor Bloomberg is driven crazy by my flintlock gun - the one that won the American Revolution."

Littlejohn fired the first shot when he hired a Tennessee blacksmith to recreate the vintage rifle. It arrived at his Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, apartment in June - followed quickly by city cops.

Police claim it's illegal for Littlejohn to keep the flintlock without a gun license.

Littlejohn, 50, cites the earliest American patriots as his inspiration while refusing to surrender his firearm or apply for a license.

The social worker is also clinging to a little-known exemption in the city's strict gun laws.

The loophole allows license-free ownership of "antique firearms" - defined as rifles that require the bullet and gunpowder to be loaded separately.

Littlejohn's rifle appears to fit the bill.

That's not enough to make the NYPD retreat.

The cops visited Littlejohn's apartment and sat down this month with the Tennessee blacksmith who forged the rifle.

The lead detective on the case told Littlejohn's lawyer that he had orders "from higher-ups" to pursue the case, according to an e-mail the lawyer sent to Littlejohn.


KG2V said...

they are going to watch/harrass him till he gives in.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of people own antique guns. A dealer told me that such guns are legal as long as they are too old to fire modern ammunition. That would also include odd-sized bullets.

Why don't they just ask him to remove the firing pin and leave him alone?

erudite transcendence said...

This is such b.s. Thanks for reminding me how little freedoms we have these days, Bloomberg & NYPD. Our time in this country is so sad.

Anonymous said...

So now Bloomberg's latest phobia is antique muzzle loading long arms?

Ha, ha, ha!

This eccedtric neurotic shoots off his mouth often enough...siding with his wealthy developer pals.

How about jailing Mayor Mike for discharging his yap within city limits without a permit from the electorate?

Mike wants to be Dogia of NYC...elected for life like they used to do in old Venice.

He'll begin with seeking a third term then ask for a fourth, fifth and so on.

Democracy is still in the voters' grasp if they boot this half pint Napoleon now!

And if I were Littlejohn, I'd contact the NRA. Their lawyers would be most interested in this case.

the Metropolitan Museum of Art has enough antique firearms in their collection. Why not harass them too Mayor Moron?

georgetheatheist said... (Do it now.)

georgetheatheist said...

"The cops visited Littlejohn's apartment..."

He let them in? They had a warrant to search the premises?

Anonymous said...

A social worker with a gun? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

He should call the NRA, and they may be able to support him. Seems if he had broken the law, they would have already arrested him.

Anonymous said...

I would let them in. I'd invite them in every single day to look at the gun-- until they get tired of coming by! That emphasizes the point that it's just not illegal and they have no case or no grounds for arrest!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I like the "a social worker with a gun" comment! I'm a doctor and I have lots of guns! What's their point?

Anonymous said...

"Why don't they just ask him to remove the firing pin and leave him alone?"

That's just it. It doesn't have a firing pin.
What crimes could these detectives be solving if they were not forced on this fool's errand by City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was shipped via the Post Office. The builder also checked the box that says "firearms"
He should have shipped it Fed Ex in parts.
The gun is not a collector piece, but a "homebrew" No matter how well made. The cops are likley going with that and making something up right now to get a warrent.
This scumbag mayor is worse then Robert Moses and Hitler combined

-Joe said...

Why is the mayor so scaired because if the guy get to keep it 1/2 the city will buy them for personal protection.
The NRA will love this case

The best marksman is lucky to hit a coffee can at 100 feet. But it sure will F_ up a burgler climbing in your window.
My Grandfather nailed a droid coming threw the window on Dekalb ave with his Italian flint rifle.
Back then it was 100 years old. I was around 4 at the time but still remember him cursing at the cops for taking it away.(crime scene)
People were cheering him when he took me to Knickerbocker park the next day.
It took him almost a year to get it back.


Anonymous said...

A "droid" -Joe. Really.

Anonymous said...

"LOL! I like the "a social worker with a gun" comment! I'm a doctor and I have lots of guns! What's their point?"

Soical workers are usually left-of-center, "save the world types". Gun owners are usually right-of-center,"some people are bad and can't be saved" types.

Doctors (Physicians) are a mixed bag.

Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous.. only in NY...

Anonymous said...

There are quite a "few corners" (so we've all been told) in NYC where one might buy some dope, hookers, false IDs, modern fully functional handguns, etc.

So why should anyone bother to buy a cumbersome, long barreled flintlock rifle with the explicit intent to shoot someone?

Keep your powder dry voters and end this quirky mayor's 3rd term bid at the polls.

His powder has gotten wet long ago!

Anonymous said...

We're keeping tabs on this at