Friday, July 31, 2009

Illegal alien boss failed to pay workers comp

From the NY Times:

The owner of a Queens asbestos-removal company has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for failing to pay $1.6 million in required workers’ compensation premiums by saying that he had just one employee when he often had dozens, prosecutors announced on Tuesday.

Andrew T. Baxter, the interim United States attorney for the Northern District of New York, said the business owner, Chong-mun Chae, a South Korean, would be deported after serving his sentence of 46 months because he was an illegal immigrant.

Prosecutors said that when Mr. Chae applied for workers’ compensation policies, he often falsely claimed that he had just one employee, who worked as a receptionist. As a result, insurance companies charged him far lower rates than if they had known the true number of his employees and the hazardous nature of their work.

Mr. Chae sought to avoid getting caught by repeatedly changing the name of his company, prosecutors said. Its names included Charlie Brown Services, Top Ace Services and K-One Service.

Mr. Chae, 71, pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax fraud, and was sentenced on Thursday in United States District Court in Binghamton.

State officials said Mr. Chae worked on asbestos-removal projects throughout the state and often used crews of Korean immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Rules? Rules?

We don't need no stinkin' rules.

georgetheatheist said...

"He's gonna get caught.
Just you wait 'n' see.

Why's everbody always picking on me?"

-Charlie Brown (He's a Clown)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if you are illegal, then you take your chances when you obtain a job that shouldn't really belong to you. If you get shafted, that's a chance you take. If you are illegal, you are not entitled to anything. Go back home and take your chances there.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of asbestos removal...rumor has it that Tommy Huang's crew of Latino day laborers under the direction of a Russian contractor headquartered in Brighton Beach HID ALL THE TOXIC STUFF behind a wall in the RKO Keith's theater.

Efforts were made by community officials to contact those laborers to see if they were affected by the hazard.

Unfortunately, no one came forward or was found.

Lord only knows what happened to these workers or what medical conditions developed these many years since.

Anonymous said...

Workers Comp won't even begin to pay the bills of those poor Koreans. They all have a death sentence on their heads and don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

This whole mess could have been avoided if illegal immigrants were not allowed to own business's in the USA There should be a status check when you start to incorporate or become a sole enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Amen! An American can't just go to a foreign country and start a business. It's against their laws. If you are illegal in this country, your rights should be limited. Period! If you come in the legal way, that's a different story. The government better stop rewarding these criminals. They come here because they know they can get over and nothing will happen to them. Even sending them home at taxpayer's expense is a reward that we have to pay for.