Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The defensive despot

From the Daily News:

Plenty of New Yorkers knew the Buildings Department was failing to protect them long before Bloomberg cracked down and pushed out former Commissioner Patricia Lancaster.

And many critics questioned the safety of demolishing the Deutsche Bank building long before Bloomberg went to the funerals of two firefighters who died there.

The Democrats who want to dethrone him, city Controller William Thompson and Queens Councilman Tony Avella, say Bloomberg is blind to other problems that New Yorkers see clearly - like neighborhoods handed over to developers and schools obsessed with testing instead of learning.

His defenders point out that Bloomberg has put city data online so anyone with a computer can see which agencies aren't measuring up. He really does ride the subway around town, and regular New Yorkers really do walk up to him with problems and complaints.

Yet in the recent battle over how to run city schools, he brushed away even the most well-intentioned criticism, dismissed every question about the statistics that support his claims, and accused anyone who questioned his plans of trying to hurt children.


Taxpayer said...

" ... Bloomberg is blind to other problems that New Yorkers see clearly ... ."

Sorry Tony; The Commissar is not "blind" to all these problems. He has caused them all. Because he profits from them.

From all over the city, people of good will notify the Commissar of how serious the damage is that he is inflicting. He ignores any information that contradicts his diktats.

He's not "blind" to any problem. He revels in each, and enjoys the suffering he causes. He's a pervert. He's a sociopath.

We don't need him. Let's dump him and the problems he's creating.

Anonymous said...

Cranky looking putz...looks like Bloomberg's political hemorrhoids are getting inflamed again.

Good work Tony. Keep the heat turned up high on hizzoner's asshole!

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear about Bill Thompson. He has taken more than $100,000 in real estate money from the fat cats. Check the campaign finance board web site. He is talking out of both sides of his mouth because he knows Tony Avella is on to a good thing with this issue. If elected, Thompson will be indebted to the developers, which in a way is even worse than Bloomberg who is not indebted - he just supports this kind of greedy development.

The only choice is to elect Tony Avella in the primary.

No more politics as usual. Tony is the real deal.

Missing Foundation said...

Thompson is sitting on the financial meltdown that will hit about two months after the elections.

Its in his best interest (as Blumturd) to hide this.

Its in our best interest to drag this out of him.