Monday, July 27, 2009

Flushing Meadow Park bird rescue underway

Hi Queens Crap,

This is Cathryn from the Washington Square Park Blog.

Some white ringneck doves -- probably released at a wedding or other "celebration" -- who can't survive on their own... have no wildlife skills... and are raised to be released at weddings -- landed late yesterday at Flushing Meadows Park. People are in the midst of rescuing them - about 15 were rescued last night but there are still about 30 there. See photos.


Here's an update from the Post and the NY Times.


Erik Baard said...

Such idiocy. People embrace symbolic gestures without any real regard for their actual costs -- animal sacrifice is one sickening example, and this is merely an indirect case.

James Cervino said...

It is the people that are selling them that are cruel and without any moral standing. I applaud these people that are trying to rescue these wonderful creatures. Does anyone have an email contact for the rescue team? James

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some locals will find and eat them.

Anonymous said...

I have seen these doves land in the Botanical Gardens. I have one question however, aside from the color how are they different from ordinary pigeons which have no trouble surviving?

Anonymous said...

Don't let Bloomberg know about this rescue. You know how he loves birds!

cat said...

Hi Anonymous,

These are ringneck doves vs. pigeons but sometimes white pigeons are released also at these "celebrations." The problem is that they are bred in cages and they don't learn from other birds *how* to forage and how to get food and survive in the wild so, without some help, they will likely die. Already these birds were not doing well at all when rescued. I just saw some photos of them upon rescue but they are doing better. There are still like 25 or so out there ! People are trying to get to them.

Most of the birds went to the Empty Cages Collective:
They could use some help with donations if anyone is able to help.

Hi James,

As far as writing to the rescue team, there's not exactly *one* contact. If you write to me, I can give you some email addresses tho'. My email is: -at-

Thanks and thanks Queens Crap for spreading the word!

Washington Square Park Blog

FlooshingRezident said...

Thanks for posting something positive. Animal rescue people are the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Found children in Forest Hills crying their eyes out today - they witnessed two young men viciouly beating their dog (kicking the animal right up in the air). Need help tracking them. Wish I had Bikers e-mail.

Please post any help and I'll contact you.