Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brian behind bars

From the Queens Campaigner:

Disgraced former state Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin (D-Flushing) was admitted to federal prison in Butner, N.C., Tuesday to begin serving a 10-year sentence for bilking millions from his constituents.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed McLaughlin was admitted Tuesday morning to Butner Federal Correctional Complex, where McLaughlin is listed as prisoner 59431-054. The facility, which houses more than 4,500 inmates, is also the new home of fellow Queens native Madoff, who began serving a 150-year sentence earlier this month.

Unlike Madoff, however, the 57-year-old McLaughlin could easily see release in his lifetime. Federal guidelines require that he serve 85 percent of his 10-year sentence, which would make him eligible for release in early 2018.


Anonymous said...

Irish piece of shit. Deport this piece of shit to antacrtica.

Anonymous said...

You can't deport American Citizens. Wish people wouldn't talk out of their you-know-whats.

Man, bigots sure are dumb.

Anonymous said...

Oh this boy will sing - just give him a few weeks in the yard.

Anonymous said...

"Butner"....aptly named.

Wait until Bubba gets on
Mc Laughlin's butt!

Better sleep on your back Brian.

Anonymous said...

How long till Carolyn Daly starts taking some "trips" upstate to visit Brian.