Friday, July 24, 2009

Con Ed substation ablaze in Little Neck

From Eyewitness News:

A second alarm fire is burning through a Con Edison substation in the Little Neck section of Queens.

Newscopter is live over the scene.

Eyewitness News is told the fire, in the substation at 244th Street and Northern Boulevard, sent a large plume of smoke that could be seen for miles.

No injuries were reported.

Con Ed says there are no reported outages.


Anonymous said...

Another thing you can chalk up to overdevlopment.

Yes, lets put another million people here. A green roof, a bike lane, and a big dent in our energy needs.

You believe that you are a @#$#&@ moron.

Anonymous said...

little neck is a beautiful neighborhood in queens no over development there trust me its like long island

-Joe said...

Big 300 family building over there, It more Dougliston.

Just passed 4 PM today.
Con Ed has Northern Blvd closed to 1 lane in each direction.
Burnt transformer oil all over the trees, cars and peoples windows.

Too many Fedders.

All for nothing:
The Chevy dealer over there has no parts, just all empty shelves and 1 guy sitting in front a 586 computer.
Went to Roslyn for Jimmy parts I needed (Remote oil filter O Rings) Guy there says "A devoloper was in talks to buy the whole block of Little Neck dealers out once the supermarket opens"....closed door talks.
They are F__ ed

Anonymous said...

No power outage? Bull, my kid goes to day camp a block away and it was canceled due to no power.

P.S. This was Douglaston not Little Neck.

-Joe said...

Little Neck "WAS" a beautiful till the Asians knocked down 1/3 the pre War buildings.
You now 3 mafia wanna be restaurants (on had a broken window today) a Diner, A dyeing Pizzeria, 3 bars and this never ending sea of storefront's with Korean lettering.
It’s no longer a neighborhood but looking more like Nassau Street Flushing.

Yes, There are some very VERY nice 1 family houses with driveways, trees, garages, gardens in Little Neck north of Northern but how long before the Korean and Rev.Moon sc*mbags buy and F_ them up too?

Many people don't know it but Fedders Barracks went up along the shore in Douglaston 100 feet north of the LIRR tracks.
Somebody managed to crack the zoning, and stealthy extended road into what WAS a protected marshland of Little Neck Bay.
You can only see it by boat or by LIRR. Must be 12 to 20 apartments

I saw cement trucks lined up by my house today to learn the 3 Greeks family's secretly sold 3 houses (as 3 houses next door to together) to 3 group Bukharian's around the corner from me.
They all split back to Greece and screwed all of us.
An 8 foot wall is already up, noise, lots of dirty looks.
I'm gonna send pix of what's going on there to crappy, it must be real bad.

Ever seen a hospital Emergency room staff these days ?
Where do you go to grow old in the future Argentina, France ?