Friday, July 24, 2009

Elmhurst homeless shelter nixed

From the Queens Tribune blog:

The organization that planned to place a homeless shelter on a neighborhood block in Elmhurst has canceled its plans after a massive wave of protests from residents, according to a source.

The source, speaking on terms of anonymity, said that the non-profit organization The Queens Alliance has withdrawn its shelter operation from the neighborhood.

There's more in the Times Ledger.

No, I doubt they withdrew the application. Let's remember that the protesters were numerous, well organized and loud. And let's also remember that it's an election year.

Imagine all the good that would come about if elections for city offices were held more frequently.


Anonymous said...

good for them now the city should put them in commerical area ONLY! who would want sick people living next door to them in arms length of their children. This shelter was going to house ex or maybe still druggies with HIV/AIDS. hey they did it to themselves and i'm not sorry for them at all, no one push that damn needle in you. how dare queens alliance try to move into a neighborhood and shame on the owners of the place thinking the community would want it.

Anonymous said...

Not all AIDS/HIV is drugs or gay activity. Remember, many people have gotten the disease from dishonest or cheating partners and from blood transfusions.

Anonymous said...

Chances are if you're homeless, you're also a drug addict or alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will be back .. said...

Timing is everything - they expected the tweeded to passively take anything they dump on them.

And of course the next step is to find the person in the community that favors their position (best from the camp against it, because the dimensions of 'flexibility' and 'community's interest at heart' can be touted).

They will get press coverage, the last line to every aguement, even their mug in the paper.

At community board meetinsg or civic events, they will be given speaking parts on programs with city officials (giving them more cred in the process)

What is left in oppostion will shrug their shoulders, say 'you can't fight city hall' and move on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

shame on the absentee landlord, they should put the shelter on his block in long island. I hope that house stays vacant for years. And what about katz who said nothing could be done? this shows what happens when good people stick together and protest peacefully. KUDOS to all.

Anonymous said...

I always preach unity and what it can accomplish. Good work.

Anonymous said...

While they are at it, I hope that they can concentrate on keeping the working class and middle class in their homes to begin with.

It is certainly less disruptive to favor the creation of good jobs with fair wages and the maintenance of housing suited to people of modest means instead of "fixing" the problem with such outrageous impositions on a stable community.

Less, "luxury" housing please--more middle class housing (and stable neighborhoods).

Anonymous said...

this block already has a community facility that houses emotionally disturbed adults. their fight hsd nothing to do with hiv. they did not feel that this was an appropriate place for a shelter and why is their block being saturated. they are a hard working, tax paying predominately immigrant community that would love to have a day care center. they did a great job organizing. congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the people who protested and had their voices heard. This shelter was not the right fit for this community. People need to rise up and fight for their neighborhoods. Remember, NO UNITY, NO COMMUNITY!

Anonymous said...

Katz stated in Chronicle interview (? & LOL) she got us 90,000 affordable units. Someone please ask her where they are. Last month Bloomberg said he got us 60,000 (fast builders) and ask where his 60,000 are. Or perhaps they mean affordable for Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

"NO UNITY, NO COMMMUNITY - perfect, I'm stealing it.

Taxpayer said...

This shelter was the Commissar's effort at blockbusting for his wealthy developer cronies.

This frightened community was expected by the racist Commissar to roll over, sell their homes at distress prices (who but a developer would want to purchase?) and then build "affordable" housing, or a shopping mall or something far more profitable than a neighborhood of Asians with children.

Imagine the audacity of hard working people wanting a safe, peaceful neighborhood to raise children! And minority people at that! Who the hell do they think they are?

Commissar Death and Taxes tried to drive his developer steamroller over a community. The community steamrolled right back!

Congratulations to all who got involved and tossed this child predator out on his arrogant, tiny ass.

Now finish the job of protecting your family. Make sure you register to vote. Time is short. Do it now! Get voter registration forms online, fill them in and mail them in immediately! Do to: for official forms and instructions.

Then, vote and toss this Commissar out so far he'll never find his way back! Vote for Tony Avella as the next mayor - your family and home will be safe. Make sure you send Katz to a job that requires her skills: flipping burgers.

Vote for Michael Cohen as your next City Council representative. He will actually represent your interests. He will toss the developers out on their cans.

Anonymous said...

vote and toss this Commissar out so far he'll never find his way back! Vote for Tony Avella as the next mayor - your family and home will be safe. Make sure you send Katz to a job that requires her skills: flipping burgers.

Yeah, excellent thank you for all those folks demonstrating and keeping the press covering the story - success is sweet - now vote and toss this Commissar out so far he'll never find his way back! Vote for Tony Avella as the next mayor - your family and home will be safe. Make sure you send Katz to a job that requires her skills: flipping burgers!

Anonymous said...

The greast news,no homeless shelter in Elmhurst. Thanks to all who came to fight for "No Homeless Shelter" in Elmhurst's protect! We did it and our neighborhood continues to have the safe and quite place to live. I would like to thank Linda for organized this protects and fight for it and we win!

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst - Great job - now remember who wasn't there for you and who said "There is nothing you can do".


Again, Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Wow, why all the negative comments on the homeless?

I happen to be currently in a homeless shelter myself in midtown manhattan. I can attest that they are not all drug users, alcoholics, or sick people. Many have simply lost their homes but hold jobs and are trying to get into programs to secure permanent housing. I may be reading the paper while sitting next to you on the 7 train and you may not even know I am homeless. I am not on drugs have had any arrests or anything negative on my record. In fact, I'm a college graduate from a prestigious school and looking to go into graduate school soon.

The shelter I am currently housed in and many that I have seen are in much more prominent areas of the city than elmhurst. Are you all serious? Elmhurst safe? Anyone taken a walk anywhere around the 7 line from 74 street to main street? Anyone take a look on websites to inquire how many child sex offenders have moved into your neighborhoods? Has anyone missed the sex workers on 82nd street elmhurst station late at night? How about the people selling false documentation to the undocumented? Not to mention all the gays moving in (for the homophobics). Yet, you choose to focus on the people who are the most powerless and easy to take advantage of in the city and try to keep them down....all for the illusion that you are safe....wake up and really see what is going on...

Queens Crapper said...

The people who live by the proposed homeless shelter live south of Queens Blvd, behind the former St. John's Queens Hospital. They do not live along the 7 line. The R train is practically around the corner from them. They do not have sex workers walking the streets or people selling fake IDs in front of their homes. They live in a quiet, stable, middle class area.

You sir, are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

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