Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 Pointz still shut down

From the Queens Chronicle:

The city’s Environmental Control Board has fined the owner of Five Pointz nearly $13,000 for violations which were discovered after a concrete staircase on the building’s exterior collapsed in April, crushing a woman.

The penalties are for a series of violations, including failure to maintain the facility and using it contrary to the certificate of occupancy.

The Long Island City building, which houses nearly 100 artist studios, has been empty for the past three months because the Department of Buildings hasn’t lifted the vacate order that was imposed when the staircase gave way. The Buildings Department listed various repairs that must be completed before the building can reopen, and spokeswoman Carly Sullivan said those are not yet finished.


Anonymous said...

I want to know how the woman is doing. All the stories are about that d*mned building. Meanwhile, is the artist still alive? If so, how is her recovery coming along? How are the other displaced artists doing.

Maybe that building should be torn down instead. I wonder if it will ever be safe. Surely envelopes were passed for years to allow such a dangerous situation to operate openly.

Anonymous said...

Push the artists out after they generated interest in the neighborhood, and move the yuppies in. That is always the way with gentrification. Next stop for the artists....Yonkers?

Anonymous said...

This building is a mess ... and its owned by some well connected people whose names are not being put into the papers.

It is their fault for letting this mess fester.

The injured party should sue their ass off it they did not maintain this property.

Anonymous said...

5 Pointz-- the epic center of NYC's graffiti problem. Kill the cancer that has spread violently throughout our city. SHUT IT DOWN!

Anonymous said...

The wealthy owners of this building probibally pay $13k on their monthly Amex bill.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be capable of discerning a blue chip stock from an early 80s junk bond let alone highly skilled aerosol art (legally permitted at 5 Pointz) from illegal tagging or throw-ups (graffiti) with your limited mental capacity hater/poster # 4.

Or in terminology you might better understand...YOUR ASS FROM YOUR ELBOW!

And if you search up there in the dark, at the terminus of your alimentary tract, you may even find what's left of your brains.

It's EPICENTER not "epic center" you illiterate chicken head.

georgetheatheist said...

Graffiti is not art.

Here's what it is: scribbling on the wall.

Name me one great piece graffiti "art". You're going to put this crap into the same class as Michaelangelo, Durer, or Rembrandt?

If so, you probably like fishing in a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

George...graffiti is, indeed, the illegal marking up of walls somewhat like a male dog pissing here and there to indicate his turf.

No argument there.

If you've been to 5 Pointz...which we highly would see ART.

It might not be what you like but it's been recognized by the authorities as a-r-t...aerosol ART!

Perhaps you ought to widen your outlook and get more out of life.

From the many comments you've been observed posting here over the years, one might easily come to the conclusion that you're little more than a self absorbed, narrow minded grumpy old man who mourns the past that you're about to become part of.

And you ain't as funny as Andy Rooney either.

Anonymous said...

This building shouldnt be going anywhere. It gives QUeens a bit of life.

Anonymous said...

Nobody said that aerosol art was in the same category as the old masters, etc. ...just different.

Guys like George would have shit all over the likes of Cezanne, Picasso, Braque, etc. just because they were post 15th or 17th century.

Take note RE the Dutch Masters George:

There was an amazing highly detailed photo realistic painting done in spray interpretive reproduction of the famed self portrait of Rembrandt Van Rijn as an old a Dutch aerosol artist from Amsterdam that ran on a wall about 2 years ago at 5 Pointz.

Too bad you didn't see it.

Lino said...

"Push the artists out after they generated interest in the neighborhood, and move the yuppies in. That is always the way with gentrification. Next stop for the artists....Yonkers?

More like Beacon NY..or such.

In the 1960s I saw the artists that my Father's galleries represented, renovate the disused lofts along Broome st and other nearby streets.

They installed heating systems, bathrooms and made really spacious living quarters. Their reward: Ed Koch decided to "legalize" these spaces and all-of-a-sudden the Leech (landlords) could come out of the shadows a of illegal renting to residents and formally go after yuppie tenants.

In the late 70s I lent money for one artist I knew who was fighting to keep her Broome st loft. It was not easy but the argument came down to pointing out to a judge that since the leech would not swear to only rent this space to a manufacturing concern, it would only be rented for residential use, there was no good reason to evict her.

Judge agreed.

Unfortunately, most artists are not inclined to fight and are somewhat you see what has happened to that area.

As for "5Points" -I had no idea that building was still closed but, when/if it reopens they should find amongst themselves someone who can create an attractive exterior.

I had to go to Queens three times last week, once by cab, twice by 7 train. The impression that building gives of the borough is unfortunate.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with poster #1.

The injured woman...Nicole is, I believe, still in the hospital or rehab.

I was told that she was raised to her feet but still hasn't healed enough to have the strength, apparently, to walk yet.

All the best to you Nicole.

Anonymous said...

My, my, son of an art dealer!

You actually dared to travel all the way to Queens...tsk, tsk, tsk...3 times in one week and grace us with your presence "Lino"?

Well...we don't give a crap about your elitist's impressions of our borough...particularly of 5 Pointz.

Glad you don't live live here though...lest we might run into your big ego/ass!

Take a roundabout route through Brooklyn in a limo "Lino" next time and bypass the untidiness of 5 Pointz if it offends your sensibilities.

By the way....are you an art pimp (gallery owner)..perchance or just an untalented wannabee?

Anonymous said...

"Recognized as art by authorities". What bullshit! Who designated these lib assholes as "authorities"? Aerosol art,give me a break,you grafitti guys with your self important "we're Artists" crap can go fuck yourselves. HA! see you in the bookins!

georgetheatheist said...

I've schlepped up the staircase to the roof of 5 Pointz.

Recognized by the "authorities" as "aerosol art". And who pray (ahem) tell are these mental defectives?

Graffiti is a form of illustration. Like Norman Rockwell. (Was he an artist?)

Graffiti is zig-zagged lines with coloring.

Doodling writ large.

Andy Rooney said...

I dunno, I find George quite often very humorous.

Lino said...

One of the hissing poofs of 5Points says:

"You actually dared to travel all the way to Queens...tsk, tsk, tsk...3 times in one week and grace us with your presence "Lino"?"

Ha! Unless you were born and raised in the Borough you can't have been as familiar with it as I am for the last 19-1/2 years.

A combination of business and pleasure takes me there 1-4 times a week.

Now, my complaint is that shithouse your compatriots have made of that building.

It is a lousy first impression that greets people emerging from the tunnel or bridge. Sure, spray paint can be a medium for artistic expression -almost anything can but, that building is just a depressing, vandalized mess.

I remember the quote from your landlord saying that he let's you paint the building so you won't get arrested doing it elsewhere.

Great recommendation.