Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mister Softee threatens to rub out Kool Man

From the Queens Chronicle:

For nearly 39 years Martin Price has traveled the borough’s streets — announcing himself on each block with a friendly jingle and a truck full of treats.

He does it for the kids, the 57-year-old Kool Man ice cream man said. And generations of Maspeth, Middle Village and Glendale children grew up eagerly awaiting his arrival on hot summer days — until last year.

According to Price, that’s when a Mister Softee driver threatened him with violence after their routes began to overlap in Maspeth.

Not one to take unnecessary risks, he gave in to the threats and pulled the plug on his Maspeth route.

But despite the shift in service and an investigation into his claims published by the Queens Chronicle last year, Price said that the threats haven’t just continued — they’ve expanded. He claims that two more Mister Softee drivers are now harassing him in both Middle Village and Glendale.

Price was most recently approached by a Mister Softee driver in Glendale last Monday, where he was harassed once again.

He took his case to the police when the threats began, filing a complaint last summer. But police said they couldn’t act — an officer wasn’t present to witness the harassment. He later went to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, alleging permit violations by the Mister Softee drivers. But the agency told him to go to the police.


Anonymous said...

This dude will never get justice from the 104th pct. or the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Both agencies do nothing about everything. The Po Po are just plain lazy and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are a bunch of airheads. He is better to take matter in his own hands and maybe video tape these incidents and possibly go after them leagally. He should get a good lawyer. I grew up with Mr Softee but those Mr. Softee guys are creepy. When I hear them on my block, I get a little freaked out.

Anonymous said...

The local anti- crime team should have a cop on his truck.Guaranteed the find a weapon in miter softee's truck!

Anonymous said...

No more Mr. Ice Guy!

Anonymous said...

The NYPD is an institution set up for failure. Everytime you ask for help its not their job, The only way anything gets done in NYPD is if one person taked the initiative.
The precint on Catalpa is the worst. My neighbor had a man climb onto her porch. and jerk off in her window. She called the 104 Pct. They came, wouldnt get out of the car - wouldnt even take a report!!! Made my neighbor come to the car in the pouring rain. They dont want to take a report - because then they would have to do something.

Anonymous said...

I have had SOME good experiences with officers of the 104. When our cops act in a professional manner as many of them do they are terrifc. Several have gone the extra mile for us, investigated, took time to listen, followed up and explained why they are doing or not doing something.
On the other hand, when cops behave in a manner that is unprofessional it is a sad sight and many of them are guilty of that. Try to call and speak with some Community Affairs guy about bars that stay open way past hours and you run up against a wall. Useless. And too many of them are tight with, drink in, and even work in, bars that cause disruption in the neighborhood.

cmdrkynes said...

A Squad car from the 108th precinct hit my car the other day and damaged my car. First they tried to intimidate me into not filing an accident report and when I insisted they had to call their supervisor... Now I'm sitting in front of my building with a broken bumper and two squad cars so all my neighbors think I am some kind of criminal. After about 30 minutes they gave me a piece of paper and said "Well you are going to have to call us for an accident report number in 2 days." Well big surprise, they never filed the report and I'm out for a new bumper because 2 dumb cops reversed all the way down a one way into my car.

Good luck getting any of them to help you.

Anonymous said...

These people get so violent then we trust them to serve ice cream to our children

Anonymous said...

Boycott Mister Softee.

Anonymous said...

Well big surprise, they never filed the report and I'm out for a new bumper because 2 dumb cops reversed all the way down a one way into my car.
I hope you got their names, the supervisor's name and their car numbers. That should be more than enough to prompt them to turn in the report. If not, then that is more than plenty to go to IAB with.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's policy is for NYPD to resist filing reports to keep his crime/quality of life stats low. When you call something in, cops act like nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

You can buy very affordable cameras that are small ,so he can record the threats, or even record the voice.

Anonymous said...

Contact Internal Affairs Division.

Cops are scared shit of the process and hate the mountain of paperwork it generates.

I've done it and I can tell you that it works in most cases!

Anonymous said...

Kool Man just sells ice cream.

Weren't a couple of those Mister Softee guys also selling drugs according to the newspapers recently?

One was caught in Bowne Park dealing.

Anonymous said...

The police are too busy shaking down Dunkin Donuts. Everyone should just stop patronizing Mister Softee.