Friday, July 31, 2009

Bloomberg rejects public authorities reform

From NBC 4:

A bill to overhaul hundreds of state authorities is heading toward Governor Paterson's desk but the question is: why hasn't it reached him yet? The bill passed by sizable majorities in both houses of the Legislature. Reliable sources in Albany say the Mayor has weighed in against the legislation, putting pressure on the Governor to veto the bill. City Hall says the Mayor is indeed against the proposed legislation and for good reasons. The bill would set up an independent budget office with powers over the authorities, including the ability to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses to testify. Authorities would have to turn over their financial records to this budget office.

Oh, the humanity!


Taxpayer said...

Why should a commissar act as though there is anyone to answer to?

And, certainly not the very people who pay all the bills.

Let's show this twit who the authorities in NYC are: The citizen, taxpaying voter!

If Paterson vetoes this bill, let's dump him too!

Why should we ever allow a paid city or state worker to give us the finger?

Use your middle finger when flicking the switch in the voting booth when your dump this turd!

Anonymous said...

Authorities have far too much authority.

Any authority, I believe, cannot be sued...for instance!

They're beyond any individual or group's attempt at legal recourse in the form of filing a lawsuit...or in other words beyond the law itself.

We might as well have a king ruling us than the Port Authority....for example!

It's time for some independent oversight.

It's time for that despot Bloomberg to be dumped along with some other political garbage too!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure looks like the little man has a lot to hide. As if we didn't know. Bye Bye Bloomie, Tony A For Mayor

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Oust the king, Mike Bloomberg and take the accidental gov. Patterson with him, if Patterson isn't too busy partying as the budget collapses completley!

Did you see the party pic of the gov in the new york post? He doesn't seem troubled by the fact the state and city are belly up.

Anonymous said...

You know, I bet everyone out there knows about Michael Jackson's kids and the strubble to control their de$tiny.

Most cannot even name their city councilman.

What can we do to correct this? Until we can do this, little shits like Blumturd can pretty much do anything they want.

Anonymous said...

So our dysfunctional state leg wants to do one thing right and our lame duck gov. has a chance to come on board and this little pissy tyrant is standing in the way?

Anonymous said...

This king and deputy mayor quinn has stole our money and now even our stimulus money for coney island project. yankee project waS a failure and cost us lots of money they belong in jail. where the hell is the FBI?????

Anonymous said...

The public opinion polls are closing in fast on Mayor Bum-turd!

And it won't be long before he's beat down good at the November polling places!

"Its folds protect no tyrant crew...the red and white and starry blue are freedom's shield and hope".

And I hope I got those lyrics right Mr. Sousa. It's been awhile since I sang them aloud!