Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No-bid is a no-win

From Neighborhood Retail Alliance:

When the folks voted to install Mike Bloomberg as their mayor-and did it a second time-the prevailing wisdom was that, owing to the mayor's vast fortune, the public could count on a corruption-free mayoralty. What was not taken into consideration, was the Bloomberg old boys network that gave Dan Doctoroff and the Related Companies to NYC. As a result of this, we were able to bear witness to a whole series of sweetheart no-bid deals that left the city less well off than it should have been.

No-bid deals similar to ones at the Department of Education (years later you find out the school is contaminated).

There was also some shady bidding for a project to clean up the Staten Island landfill.

In the era of open government there are still a lot of deals happening behind closed doors.


Taxpayer said...

"In the era of open government there are still a lot of deals happening behind closed doors."

Commissar Death and Taxes has his own notion of what "Open Government" means.

For him, the city agencies (and himself) are open for any sort of corruption.

The closed doors mean what they have always meant to the corrupt: Taxpayers, keep your god-damn noses out of our dealing! Just pay then go away, see you on election day!

Well, let's take the Commissar up on that. Let's just toss his tiny, sneering, boring ass back to Boston! He's the one we will make to go away!

Missing Foundation said...

The city is run behind closed doors, from the local community board level all the way up to Washington.

In an era of senseless detail on the trivial, the lives of entertainters, important stuff like the governing of our lives is something done behind closed doors.

Most of what we see, of public participation, is carefully scripted.

This is outragous.