Friday, July 24, 2009

Guess who's back?

From the Forum West:

Lurking at the bottom of the barrel is a “dirty little rumor” that some candidates have reportedly signed on some questionable “help” for their campaigns. Word reached us, from most reliable inside sources that the former councilman and forever sex offender, Dennis Gallagher is back on the political scene in a consulting/advisory capacity. Also rumored is the fact that he was paired with former Como and Ricatto staffer James McClelland.

When we reached McClelland to ask about the supposed affiliation, it took all of two seconds before he was offering complete assurance that there was absolutely “NO PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP” between him and Dennis Gallagher. McClelland did confirm that he is the sole owner and employee of the firm he started in March, J. Mac & Associates Inc. His clients include Peter Koo and possibly Jay Golub, whom he confirmed has in fact enlisted the professional help of Gallagher.

We’re glad that James has averted professional/political suicide by having the good sense to avoid a plague worse than many of biblical proportion. But how about Jay Golub? In fact how about anyone who seeks public office and knowingly takes on someone who disgraced his elected position, broke the law and was banished from his seat for it.

From where we sit that type of poor judgment is a clear and present indicator of who not to elect. We wonder how any candidate could endorse the behavior of a criminal by accepting his professional service or advice. We promise to keep you informed as more information becomes available. We also promise to keep printing extra copies for any that should mysteriously disappear…and yes we’re talking to you.


Anonymous said...

I guess this means that "Brian McLaughlin Consulting Group" won't be too far behind.

Snake Plissskin said...

The 'Bhoys' in the clubhouse do have honor - a bit like a gang.

They will always look out for their own - and how much public money will find its way to Denis after it passes through A to B to C to ...

Anonymous said...

And what will "Pinky" be giving political advice a pol/pervert can get away with bringing constituents back to their district offices and sexually abusing them?

The "Pinkster" had better keep "Little Baldy Jr." in his pants except for peeing.

Hog tie it and chain it to his leg or something or he'll be trying to screw the candidates he's supposed to be advising.

The man is a sicko who belongs in a mental ward!

ya think? said...

Dennis Gallagher - Welcome back to Queens Crap. It was actually getting pretty boring around here without the likes of you to help beat that dead horse we've been carrying for so long. You're alive, obviously popular on this board and get the people's blood flowing. Congrats !! You are still the most popular guy on this board.

Taxpayer said...

Ya think said:
" ... You're alive, obviously popular on this board and get the people's blood flowing. Congrats !! You are still the most popular guy on this board. ..."

Yes, he is certainly very popular. There was a guy who celebrated whenever he got a boil on his asshole. Pee Gallagher is just as popular!

Here's hoping we get the list of everyone he's been "helping".

Never forget that the Commissar has been endorsed by the "Party of Gallagher".

They never tossed Gallagher and they love the Commissar.

The Commissar rapes property rights. We all know who Gallagher assaults. He's admitted it all in court.

Plea bargaining with DA Richard Brown.

You all know who to vote into oblivion. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

you guys beleive James. Ask Katz how trustworthy he is.

Anonymous said...

Only James and Sandy tried their best to help constitants. Everyone else was rude and dismissive.

Anonymous said...

Let's ask James how trustworthy Katz is.

Anonymous said...

I can just see Pinky's curriculum vitae:

"Porn king/political office holder and adviser/rapist is seeking a lucrative position with a peep hole view into the ladies senior bathroom. Many years of experience in fondling, chubby chasing and peddling smut on church grounds".

The only reason that any aspiring politician might want to take Dennis on as a consultant is that Gallagher already has the goods on him...plain and simple blackmail!

Anonymous said...

good point....wonder what he knows about ogni-has-been?