Friday, July 31, 2009

The great Rego Park garden giveaway!

Dear Queens Crap,

I like the blog, its one of the few that covers Queens. I was raised in Queens and I've planted a Forest Garden(basically growing a forest where everything is edible) on my old lawn in Rego Park. I'm keeping a record of it on my blog, NYC Forest Garden. Thought you might be interested. I would like to give plants away and seeds as they come from my garden.

All the best,
Casey Tang


Sergey Kadinsky said...

I also live in a narrow, attached home, on a block of identical homes.

Casey's blog should serve as an example of growing so much (food) on so little (land)

My front lawn has tomatoes and strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Casey. There are actually several local veggie gardens. We are 1 of three families contributing to creating and tending a vegetable patch at our friend's house on Haring St. You can follow along at We get great produce and its a fun activity for the whole family.
-Peter B., Rego Park

yvonne said...

We live on Alderton and we also have created an edible lawn. The pathway leading to our house has strawberries, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, oregano, chamomile, and more. Our back balcony also has some lovely edible food. This summer we have been sharing our harvests with our community.

See what Rego Parkians are up to with their edible lawns at our blog!