Friday, July 24, 2009

This certainly can't only be happening in NJ

From the NY Post:

All the suspects in both investigations were brought down by the same shady developer, who wore a wire for three years while he bought off politicians, passed supposedly dirty money for laundering and even arranged for a $160,000 kidney sale.

"The list of names and titles of those arrested today sounds like a roster for a community leaders' meeting," said Weysan Dun, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Newark office. "Sadly, these prominent individuals were not in a meeting room, but were in the FBI booking room this morning."

One suspect, Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, a Democrat, was caught on tape at a diner bragging, "I could be indicted and still get 85 to 95 percent of the vote," said acting US Attorney Ralph Marra.

Developers, bribes, religious figures, boasts about support... this sounds like a regular day at the office for the City Council!


Anonymous said...

But why is this happening regularly in Jersey, and only the odd indivual arrested across the Hudson.

Different district?

Something very very odd...

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Next stop Albany and of course City Hall!

Joe said...

--Lets trying out my new IPHONE WIFI here

Notice how it was the Feds that went after this case?
It’s no doubt going on in NYC but nobody wants to open a can of worms and get called a Racist or anti Semite with Jew democrat liberals holding all our high seats and news press.
These folks appoint each other like sons & brother in-laws on Wall Street. - - make waves and they throw you under the bus. People are too scared of loosing a job, family, friends and home in public.
That's why Feds are needed !
Obama needs to send more.. as a matter of fact send an army to Queens and Nassau County.

The local cops, courts, judges, prosecutors will never go after those Rabbis, Jews always side with other Jews.
The cops in Jersey had to be turning a blind eye to all that corruption for a good 5- 10 years BEFORE the feds even got involved.

Rabbis, Developers, Politicians, Kidneys.
This sure sound like some kind of Israeli or Russian mob is no doubt operating in the area.
They Feds should start roundups in Forest Hills, Great Neck and Coney Island.

Joe said...

Why has the NT Post left out images, charts and names of all the Rabbis, and Bukrah doctor's taken in handcuffs ?
(as channel 5 ran on TV, they all went to the same detention center)

Joe said...

Just passed this 4 PM today.
Con Ed has Northern Blvd closed to 1 land in each direction.
Burnt transformer oil all over the trees, cars and peoples windows.

Too many Fedders units.

All for nothing:
The Chevy dealer over there has no parts, just all empty shelves and 1 guy sitting in front a 586 computer

Taxpayer said...

Arrested more than 44 pols, Rabbis, leaders, etc.

Only a single arrestee was identified by party.

Let's play a guessing game. What political party do all these crooks associate with?

-Joe said...

That wouldn’t be the same crowd that gave us Robert Moses, created the affordable housing Mortgages & scandals of the 1960s. --Who then put the cherry on the cake with the Immigration Act of 1965 now would it ?

History repeats its self just like generations of farm fed and raised sheep being led to the slaughter barn with carrots.

John Gotski said...

“This is gonna be a Kosher Nostra ‘til I die. Be it an hour from now, or be it tonight, or a hundred years from now when I’m in jail. It’s gonna be a Kosher Nostra.”

-John Gotski