Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crying over expensive milk


Talk about milking the system! The city Department of Education is on track to spend $35 million more on milk contracts over the next five years after scrapping its old delivery system -- just as The Post warned last year.

Companies formerly bid on individual schools and added them to their store routes, costing the city $19 million a year.

So the DOE created eight huge routes, eliminating smaller distributors. Yet the new cost of delivery is $26 million a year, a 37 percent jump.

The DOE attributes the spike to an 81 percent rise in the price of milk since the last contracts were signed in 2003. But a gallon cost less than $2.80 in 2003 and $3.80 last year, about 35 percent more. And since then, it's dropped back to $3.20.

Still, David Ross, DOE head of contracting, insists going from some 1,200 bids to one on Staten Island, one in Manhattan and two in each of the other three boroughs reins in costs.


Mike Tirelli said...

I don't know where you buy your milk. I wouldn't pay more than $2.50 a gallon right now and there are at least a dozen places where I can get that price. if I remember to buy milk when I leave my office I can get milk for $2.39 a gallon

Wade Nichols said...

Yet the new cost of delivery is $26 million a year, a 37 percent jump.

A normal person knows this is an obvious waste of money by our government.

Our illustrious civil servants refer to this as "a government stimulus package"!

Anonymous said...

the local driver that owns the route i sscrewed also like when the city made snapple the official drink bloomberg made sure the city got a nice payment this deal eliminated the local route driver that owns his area and cut the deal with the corporate company cuting out teh rout eguy all this did was raise the price the corporate got fatter and the route guys who hire local people and live in teh city lost the money another screw job this is also

Taxpayer said...

We have entered the world of Obanomics, where spending more is spending less. Where increasing taxes is benefiting taxpayers.

Where cutting police is the way to cut crime.

Where closing firehouses is the way to eliminate household fires and deaths.

Where closing hospitals is a positive health measure.

Where building a school on contaminated and toxic property seized from a private property owner is the way to boost the long term health prospect for youngsters.

Where stealing property and businesses from private property and business owners for transfer to extremely wealthy cronies of the Commissar is the best way to help the Middle Class property and small business owners and union and non-union employees in this city.

Where thorough corruption in all the city agencies is a way to enhance the integrity of municipal workers.

Yes, spending more for milk is saving money for healthy foods.

Do we really need to keep this Orwellian Commissar Creep past this election cycle?

Lino said...

" Taxpayer said...

We have entered the world of Obanomics"

Boy, you must be a riot in person. No matter how hard I'd bite my tongue, I wouldn't be able to keep from laughing.

Even by a grossly tortured antecedent, I fail to see how you get from Obama to Bloombag... and all in one fell swoop.

How Obama factors in the school milk fiasco..."cutting police".."closing firehouses"..."closing hospitals" etc, -are -all- the fallout from economic policies resulting from the very Republican administration of "W" -not "O"?

"Do we really need to keep this Orwellian Commissar Creep past this election cycle?"

Hopefully not. He has had a bad effect on the reasoning ability of the constituents.

-And turn off the damn AM radio.

Anonymous said...

Got an email from Gioia on milk prices.

The little prick does nothing for our community (after a flurry of similar stupid emails/phonecalls I blew up at his little operative and told him this man gives nothing to organiations and ignores his community, yet now expects the community to support him)

He can go f*k himself.