Thursday, July 23, 2009

Car stolen in Woodhaven with baby inside

From Fox 5:

The father of a young boy is shaken up after his young son was taken on a wild car ride in Queens.

The father says he walked into a store in Woodhaven on Tuesday evening leaving the boy in the car when someone jumped behind the wheel and took off.

According to the distraught dad, the father yelled to the driver that his son was in the car.

The man looked at him and kept driving along Jamaica Avenue and 92nd Street.

The boy was dropped off several blocks away unharmed.

The car and thief have not been found.


Anonymous said...

Asshole.Charge the "father" with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a minor

Anonymous said...

Never leave a child in a car alone, especially in hot weather. Note to father, in hot weather your child can be cooked alive. What happened was a good wake-up call and well worth the cost of your car. You should write the thief a check for the lesson.

faster340 said...

The father should be brought up on charges as well!!! Just like the first anonymous stated.

Anonymous said...

What was he thinking leaving the boy alone in the car. Thank God it all worked out but let this be a lesson to him!!

A Better NYC said...

I'd love to know what he needed to buy that was so damn important that he had to risk the life of his own son.

Gum, a can of soda, chips...

Good grief..!

georgetheatheist said...

Oo la-la. Quel beau chapeau!

Isn't the father that famous actor from the Little Rascals?

Unknown said...

I guess we do need that stupid law Crowley wanted on the books is needed.