Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Illegal hotel walls in Manhattan family

From the NY Post:

The rear of Jeffrey and Michelle Feig's apartment building at 225 Central Park West overlooked green back yards that enhanced the peaceful environment.

Until last year, when the Kadoe family in a neighboring brownstone at 7 W. 82nd St. decided to rake in up to $1,650 a week by renting part of their building as a hotel, the Feigs claim in a lawsuit.

The space is advertised on as a "charming Central Park West apartment" that can sleep up to six people.

The neighbors soon built a terrace that brought a different set of "guests" eye-level with the Feigs' window each week.

The rancor between the Feigs and Kadoes ratcheted up, and in February Michel Kadoe installed a fence just inches from the family's window, according to court papers.


Anonymous said...


This sh*t happens in Queens every freken day, only its Mexicans and Guyanese in a flophouse in Ozone Park, or a stupid 20 story hotel 5 feet from some kids bedroom in Dutch Kills.

Manhattan studiously ignores us when it comes to preservation, letting the local talent, be it our pols or developers beat up on us.

What did we tell you?

Pay attention to the outerBs. THAT is where this behavior is honed.

What is in Flushing today will be in your backyard in Yorkville tomorrow.

Smug jerks. Stew in it!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to sympathize with these obviously overfed over earning Manhattan yuppies.

Enjoy your dinner folks.

Your lawyer is enjoying his at your his favorite 5 star doubt.

We've had to put up with far worse on a daily basis here in Queens!

Try moving your gross asses over to Staten Island maybe.