Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mayor bans idling

From 1010WINS:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg told his drivers to stop letting his SUVs idle after The Associated Press reported it observed the vehicles with their engines running for long periods of time while parked throughout the city.

Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser said Thursday that after learning of AP's findings reported the previous day, the mayor "made it clear" to the police detail that drives him around the city that the administration "should set a better example."

The city also said that "No Engine Idling'' signs were installed at the mayor's request months ago in all the Chevrolet Suburbans that transport him. The signs went up earlier this year, around the time Bloomberg signed a bill strengthening the city's anti-idling law and promised a citywide crackdown on enforcing the 38-year-old regulation.

The signs were apparently in place when the AP conducted spot checks over the past week and found the parked vehicles idling at least eight times for periods of 10 minutes to more than an hour.


Anonymous said...

Left with lemons, make lemonade - Turd turns his own hypocrisy and negligence into ticket revenue.

Anonymous said...

recall that stu loser's first respose to 1010 wins is that the SUVs are considered "emergency vehicles" exempt from that law.

Anonymous said...

The only people allowed to be idle are The Buildings Department when the buildings are dropping on our heads.

Erik Baard said...

In fairness, often managers set out principles that don't find immediate adoption by all employees (intentionally or not). I'm reminded of the ridicule to which Paul McCartney was subjected because the vocal vegetarian's concert organizers specified Ivory Soap be used. Ivory Soap is made from animal fat. I doubt McCartney was busying himself with such details, but he was left looking hypocritical.

With awareness, Bloomberg acted. Let's see if it holds.

That's not to say there aren't other contradictory and unsatisfactory policies and actions...