Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rockaway cop pilfering donuts?

From Fox 5:

A Queens cop has been helping himself to doughnuts and coffee at a Rockaways Dunkin' Donuts -- even jumping behind the counter to make himself sandwiches and cram his face full of crullers, the shop's manager told the New York Post .

Sgt. Eric Turetsky -- who ironically was the No. 2 integrity control officer at his precinct -- "never paid once for anything," just leaving "a dollar or two behind" as a tip, complained the manager at the Beach 129th Street eatery in Belle Harbor.

Police sources told the Post that the department was investigating.


Anonymous said...

Crappy, please keep us informed. We want the "hole" truth!

Anonymous said...

What an ass. Nice example.

Anonymous said...

In loving memory of Officer A. Muldoon...1940s...Bronx N.Y.

"It all starts with a free cup of coffee".

That's what this honest cop once told my father about the first stages of police corruption.

Donuts are a step up that ladder.

Just ask those crooked 109th precinct cops who got caught receiving sexual favors for protecting a local Asian madam's business by looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

Probably too f-----g fat to chase a perp on foot so he relies on his Glock to stop 'em.

All NYC cops should be required to weigh in monthly and be docked an appropriate amount from their wages for each pound over an officially established limit!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this knucklehead was in pretty good shape.

Anonymous said...

With the 109 team, it all started with a "happy ending" from mamma-san.

Snake Plissskin said...

Poor housing, bad government, class elitism, now bad cops.

Now we are back to the future, in Olde New York.

Anonymous said...

i do not condone the officers actions but the manager is asking for trouble making an issue of this, especially on fox 5 news. let's see how many cops come to his rescue should he ever need it.

Anonymous said...

let's see how many cops come to his rescue should he ever need it.

Excuse me? Since when should a taxpaying citizen be punished by any city agency for reporting inappropriate behavior? That would set a dangerous precedent and set up the agency for a lawsuit big time which would punish citizens since the expenses for such a suit would be paid for by OUR money!!! I call that a lose/lose situation! Get rid of the bad apples now before it is too late. Oops, I think the ship has already sailed.

Anonymous said...

And we're at risk of having too few cops in NY? Looks to me like there are too many, with too much spare time on their hands. Also, where are the increased crime figures the doom and gloom crowd were predicting with the citywide budget cuts?

Anonymous said...

If he stayed on the right side of the counter and the owner slipped him a coffee it would not be so bad.

Although it is inappropriate for officers to look for freebies, sometimes business owners will offer small tokens of respect.

I would not go into death songs because an officer accepted a free cup of coffee or donut if offered, but he should never help himself. One is hospitality, the other is corruption.

Anonymous said...

Look he's a sick man. He has a god dam eating disorder. Leave him alone he is protected under the ADA. get him a six month leave w/ pay and put him in an eating disorder rehab at the tax payers expense.
asking cops to weigh in is a violation of their civil righs. Anyone has the right to be overweight, drink too much or smoke themselves to death.

Anonymous said...

Diversity? The decendents of Irish and Italian immigrants who came here 100 - 150 years ago now make up about 40% of the NYPD. These people who came from almost uninhabitable, savage and desolate countries.

Dennis Kim (Convicted) Ironically
2004's NYC TOP COP
Jerry Svoronos (Convicted)
Brian Cassiro (escaped indictment)
Brian McCloskey (escaped indictment)
SGT. PATRICK BENEVENTI who is a cancer survivor (unfortunately)

"Ray Kelly lauded Beneventi not only for beating his illness, but for supervising three cops from the 109th Precinct who have had a remarkable impact upon crime in Flushing.

The trio - Officers Brian McCloskey, Dennis Kim and Jerry Svoronos - logged 366 arrests in 2003, an average of an arrest a day. Through March of this year, they had nabbed 157 suspected criminals, a rate nearly twice that of last year."

This sergant bred and nurtured these officers into becoming corrupt scumbags.

"Sources said a cooperating witness contends members of the precinct's conditions unit engaged in a practice known as "flaking," in which cops planted marijuana, cocaine or Ecstasy on suspects".

"Members of the conditions unit maintained a small stash of drug in an Altoids tin for this purpose," Assistant U.S. Attorney Monica Ryan said

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2008/06/20/2008-06-20_claims_of_corruption_at_queens_precinct_.html#ixzz0Olyh44VU

This is just one incident. Once you speak of NYPD officers you're scrapping the bottom of the barrel of civil workers and in many aspects humanity.

Anonymous said...

"Desolate, savage etc. countries."

Another or the same dumb, dumb, dumb.........BIGOT?

Anonymous said...

This"cop" is a scumbag and deserves all he gets.As for the rest of you if you lib cop haters ,call al "tawana" sharpton when you need help,not 9-1-1.

Anonymous said...

Any reports against a police officer must be investigated. He was not found guilty. This is just one of a series of hits this guy has been taking for testifying against his fellow officers--the ones who shoved a stick up a man's hiney. The Post didn't report that this cop is being harrassed because that doesn't make for fun news. It does make for fun news to accuse him of something funny that he wasn't found guilty of. Lots of us know him and know he doesn't have a mean or malicious bone in his body. Don't believe everything you read.

Anonymous said...

RAT bastard was convicted of departmental refs.